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"The world is illusory, Brahman alone is real, Brahman is the world." ~ Ramana Maharshi

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Life, O Life!

Life, oh Life! The blades of grass moving in the wind, the bird song coming from the spiky suauro cactus, the bright, relentless yellow flowers growing out of the cracked desert soil, the taste of strong coffee in the morning, the feeling of love, the sounds of classical guitar swirling…

Looking for Love

The long, arduous and often dry path towards enlightenment, on the spiritual path, is temporary. Although it may seem like it is a dead-end, and that what we know to be true seems dead or void, this is the call of love to stay alive. To stay hungry! I don’t…


In the world of duality, the word "NO" and its meaning gets a bad rep. "YES", on the other hand, is associated with positivity, opportunities and allowing. The idea that’s being referred to with "YES" to is one of being like driftwood. Unfortunately, this polarized understanding, especially within the nondual…

Meeting Life Head On

The mind is so tricky. It’s so good at protecting us from reality. When the veil of illusion begins to disappear, we begin to see just how incredibly good our mind is at hiding the Truth. The truth that life won’t hurt you. That you can’t be touched by the…

The Mind of God

True freedom and true joy can not be taken from you. If you are still blaming others and external situations for your suffering, you are living in the dream of thought. Your mind and the mind of God are one. God’s mind is joy and freedom. In joy and freedom…

Kitten Eyes

Non-duality, not two. One. What does this mean? What does this TRULY mean? If I am not separate from you, or from anything, how does that affect me? How does that affect you? The deeper and deeper this timeless Truth unveils itself, and the less and less that we hold…


When the energy is contracted and feels separate, we don’t trust ourselves, our spirits, our life as a whole; we aren't aware of a sense of power. We become afraid. We become beggars, looking to the outside for a sense of security, purpose, and leadership. We don’t know the answers, so…


Although you may spend your life killing, you will not exhaust all your foes. - Nagarjuna The Buddha stated that to live is to suffer, but he also said that there was a way out of it. He called this ending “enlightenment” or the end of suffering. Most often we…


Maya means illusion. Illusion implies two. That which is real and that which is unreal. There is only that which is real. Or that which is unreal. There is not two. Either everything is real, or everything is unreal. This can only be spoken about in absoluteness, for as soon…


Two of the greatest “me” dynamics are money and love. The seperate self is heavily invested in both. It exerts a significant amount of energy into the getting and maintaining both love and money. However, from the waking up from the dream or illusion, it is seen that neither money…