Reality is Not Two

Just a mere glimpse of reality is so strong, that it has the capacity to completely change your life around. The bast change it ultimately makes, for anyone and everyone, is the beginning of a return home to reality. So many people feel alone, misplaced and long for a deep sense of belonging. This is why we create communities, congregations,… Read more →

Mind Games

When the human is still identified with their thoughts, their thoughts are taken to be who they are. The result is that it’s energy is singlehandedly focused on getting. Getting a better house, a better car, a better partner, better skin, better conditions, better bank account balance, better environment. The problem is that the energy intends to acquire these betterments,… Read more →


When thought is taken to be who you are, there can only be peace with getting. In getting there is inevitably loss. Whatever can be gotten, will also be lost. There is no freedom in this getting. Thought is only interested in getting. Through the “getting game” it believes that it will make it home to peace, to love and… Read more →


It’s easy to hear this profound teaching: You are not your thoughts. However, it’s actual registration in one’s awareness permanently shifts that which is experiencing life. If you are not your thoughts, then who are you? What else is here? Awakening is not the permanent turning off of thought. Thought is still experienced. If there are beliefs attached to the… Read more →

Why Am I Suffering?

Why am I suffering is irrelevant in the face of the question, “Who Am I?” What you are is not suffering. What you are is untouched by your thoughts, your beliefs and your stories about how broken you are, how messed up your life is, how the world is unjust and how you got the shittier end of the deal.… Read more →

The After Life

Nothing in the world of form will satisfy you. Try as you may to acquire one desire after another it will always, ultimately return to you dissatisfaction. This is such a brutal awakening for the person. In a way it’s devastating. But that which truly hears this message, is that which is being looked for in the world of form.… Read more →


What if you let it all in? Life. What if you let it crush you? In awakening, the equalization of appearances occurs all at once. As one begins the loss of personal identity, there cannot be any more filters. Nothing can be left out. In fact, all the neurosis and compulsion of the mind falls forward like a tsunami. It’s… Read more →