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The Getting

There’s nothing more addictive than the chase…the getting. Yet, there’s never any real satisfaction in it. Getting the approval, fulfilling the desire, moving into the perfect house, finding the spouse. What is it that is seeking? What is it that is suffering? There are plenty of schools of thought focused on the getting. How to make it. How to be… Read more →

Infinite Feelings

Everything you’re attracted to is already in you. Everything you are repulsed by is already in you. All things elicit feelings. Those feelings are appearances in you. Rising and falling. Impulsiveness, fascination, appreciation, determination, rebellion, delight, intrigue, abomination, diminishment, terror, agony, heartbreak, torment and sorrow are in you. These feelings were never yours. They never belonged to you. They exist,… Read more →

The Fucking Nice Guy

This moment is full of the ultimate breakthrough. We’ve held on to an image of perfection, love, forgiveness and peace because that is what is socially acceptable. We made that which doesn’t fit that image wrong, bad and unacceptable. Because of this suppression – the shutting out of how this moment is expressing itself like jealousy, alienation, depression we’ve subconsciously… Read more →

The Juice Bar

It’s a beautiful morning and I’m standing in line at the juice bar. The young lady before me picked up her green drink and right as she’s about to walk away with it, it slips from her fingers and falls to the ground splattering all over the floor. She’s upset, humiliated and completely apologetic. I think she kept uttering “I’m… Read more →

The Paradox

All suffering comes from wishing for something other than what is. What is, is that which is always being sought, but it’s too simple, too ordinary to be recognized. What is can never be got out of. That is why the energy suffers. What is, is the stillness behind what is writing these words, yet it is simultaneously that which… Read more →

Light Up Your Chakras

The sense of a seperate self exists in the chakric system. The more aware a body is of it’s physicality the clearer it can sense this separateness. Social Conditioning Each body’s sense of self is conditioned. This conditioning is most often not in alignment with how the body truly feels. For example: the body, societally, is told it must do… Read more →

Getting There

The human only knows its sense of self through comparison. It sees itself in relationship to what others are, what others have, what others are doing. It believes it’s superior or inferior, because it looks at other formations as having a better or worse experience than it, itself is having. Everything it does is to get to an imaginary destination… Read more →

Setting Goals

As I hiked one of my favorite trails in east county yesterday, I found myself totally in “zen” mode amidst the pine trees, boulders, sweeping desert views, pretty butterflies, cool insects and… (I could go on!) I was the only one on the trail and merged completely with my nice experience. Then the thoughts about life appeared: “What was my… Read more →


We define so much of who we are by what we do: what our plans are, our job, how we make money. There is so much mental energy exerted into this. Doing has become the focal point of our collective society. Who would we be without the doing? Lazy, bored, useless? The human believes that in doing it can be validated. There’s… Read more →

Eternally Free

True freedom only exists in presence and this presence is full of a love, in which loneliness and fear cannot dwell in. In true presence YOU disappear, because truly being in presence means to recognize the stillness, the perfection, the love and the intimacy of the sadness or of anything that is happening. It means to see interconnectedness. How can… Read more →