Direct inquiry, is the inquiry into the essence of perception itself. It is the investigation into awareness, and Being, and experience. Direct inquiry into ones own nature inquires into the essence of who one is and how one lives their lives. Changes in how one lives and expresses is a natural reaction to this inquiry itself.

From here, what could be called a purification process, or deconditioning, occurs. Deconditioning is the deconstruction of the “logical” mind. The logical mind is a product of the societal world, or rather “good” and “bad”. The collapse of these belief systems begin to occur and it is here that the natural “flow” of ones own, unique individual being gets revealed. This revelation gives rise to the necessity of devotion, trust, and conviction of ones own direct experience and also the release, surrender and letting go of rational thinking, such as “If this, then that…” etc.

Ones natural flow is the equivalent of an unobstructed river stream, that is not blocked by tree trunks, boulders, or other obstacles. Rather the energy is direct, quick, certain, and purposeful. One’s questioning of oneself is no longer the focal point of experience. Ones flow is the unique, individual, expression of source energy as it appears through you. This expression is so granular, that the subtleties of it could only be know on a “here and now” basis, through a continual rootedness in what’s happening.

When the linear timelines collapse, meaning, when the world of form is longer interpreted through its meaning, expression is spontaneous, and almost childlike, leading to a fulfillment of ones calling or rather, the creative principle of consciousness.

There is no longer the questioning, interpretation, dismantling of what things mean, and what they’re doing, or how to heal them , and where they’re going. Rather, there is simply one harmonious, simple doing, being, and experiencing.

Now, that doesn’t look any particular way what-so-ever. This is different for everyone, and will manifest in the world of form as a myriad of expressions. Ramana Maharshi’s flow, for example, began to express an interest in cooking, and cuisine as well as animals and of course, teaching. Not all expressions would result in minimalism, ashram living, or teaching. Many people simply go on living ordinary, householder lives, never turning to the world of spirituality again. Others, may be called to share their awareness with others. The point here is that there is no right or wrong way that Being could express itself. As consciousness is refined and purified on subtler and subtler levels, it begins to register a more authentic expression of itself in that particular form that it’s arising in.

The purification aspect itself, in my experience thus far, does not seem to have an end. Nor does the limit on what could be created or expressed. Therefore, there is no rule book other than one’s individual devotion to one’s very unique experience and an honoring of where the energy is going, whether that’s towards health, wellness, and spirituality, or entrepreneurship, art, and business, or even ashram living, or material consumption.

At the level of understanding that we’re speaking of here, there is an immaculate, and intuitive and perfectly architectured expression of Being, so whatever it does, no matter what that is, is what is in the best interest of life itself.

So, the question I leave you with in this post is:

What seems like the most effortless action for you right now? Whatever that is, do that. That is your flow. Trust that and live it with devotion and conviction, for this is the process of purification that is necessary and integral for your soul, for life itself.

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