Falling In Love

“Love” as a concept has diverged from it’s true meaning. What once was the very need to bring into existence a state of something beyond us or greater than us, has now become a narcissistic need to feel wanted, needed and served. Love is always the giver-it knows not of receiving, for it knows that in giving it has already… Read more →


I’ve really been focused on the concept of time lately. It has become an obsession for me. In my 15+ hour day, I am absolutely devoted to being present with what I’m working on, who I’m speaking to (and for how long and about what). There is nothing more important to me than dispersing my “hours” efficiently, purposefully and appropriately.… Read more →

Excerpt from Sash Bramsky’s Article “The Voices of Poverty in America”

  ” …three things have struck me with particular force: The first is the sheer loneliness of poverty; the fact that poverty pushes people to the psychological and physical margins of society—isolated from friends and relatives, pushed into dilapidated trailer parks, shanties, or ghettoized public housing, removed from banks and stores, transit systems and cultural institutions. The poor live on… Read more →

Winter Solstice

I was asked to attend a funeral yesterday (of someone I didn’t know). I definitely wanted to go. Death has become a strange topic in our society. It’s a difficult one that brings many heavy emotions of pain and fear for many people. It creates a sense of anxiety and creepiness in most everyone’s reality. In time, we all will… Read more →

If The World Were a Village

If we could reduce the world’s population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all existing human ratios remaining the same, the demographics would look something like this: The village would have 61 Asians, 13 Africans, 12 Europeans, 9 Latin Americans, and 5 from the USA and Canada 50 would be male, 50 would be female 75 would be… Read more →

Chop Wood, Carry Water

This morning, the woman making my juice at the juice bar said to me, “You’re always smiling.” I then thought, “Well, I love juice-so I’m excited.”, “I like the familiarity of the same person making my juice every morning.”, “Why in the hell wouldn’t I be smiling!?” As I paid for my groceries and drove away into my morning, I… Read more →


The question is, does listening have an active or passive meaning? Does “Listening” suggest that we must extract ourselves from our individual perspective and elevate ourselves into a source perspective to quietly observe and objectify our experience? Rather, does “Listening” have an authoritative meaning? Like, when we were children and our parents would say to us, “If you don’t listen,… Read more →

Inspired Action

The idea of creating your own reality is exciting and daunting. You are forced to face your true self, take your false mask off and question your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, like “Am I good enough?” or “I am not loved, safe, prosperous, talented…etc”. We live in a vibrational universe. This means that we repel or attract people, experiences, situations,… Read more →

Top 10

Here are my top 10 things that immediately shift me from darkness to light: 1. Kundalini Yoga 2. Running 3. Music 4. Pressing “Pause” 5. Tea 6. Flowers, plants and nature 7. Sun 8. Water 9. High vibrational people 10. Incense I encourage you to make a list and surround yourself with the things on it as much as possible… Read more →