Spiritual shifts are changing perspectives of how one sees the world.

There is the one looking, the subject. And there is that which is being observed, the object, or the world.

What is happening in this relationship?

That which is observing, is actually creating the observed.

The observed is nothing more than that which is observing.

In this understanding, the observer is whatever it is that he or she is observing.

The object in and of itself, is what it is.

It is the observer which assigns the relationship: good, bad, harmful, benevolent, positive, negative, sad, happy to it.

As perspectives, views of how one sees the objective reality, shift, the reality that is observed shifts also, through the mechanism of observation.

There are as many perspectives as there are people and possibilities.

Observation in and of itself does not have the relationship of that which is looking, and that which is being observed. That relationship comes secondary, and it is from this relationship that meaning is assigned: good or bad. So, in order for good or bad to arise, there would have to be a relationship.

In and of itself, without this relationship, the world is void. Or one could say, devoid of a relationship it is Love.

When we say that the world is love, then the observer of that world must also be love.

Love is that which is devoid of a relationship. It would be the null set, neutral, zero point, or no-thing.

At zero-point, or in the null set, there is no relationship, and therefore no actual meaning to the world, other than love.

So, I use the world love which, when assigned meaning, has a positive connotation.
But in the non dual usage of this word, we use it to point to nothing. When all meaning is stripped, and the relationship of the observer and the observed collapses, there is simply what is.

What is.

What is, is unsatisfactory for the observer. So, the observer must create meaning through that which is being observed.

It is unsatisfactory, because as soon as an observer, or a “me” arises, it instantly needs meaning from the world in order to exist. The two: observer and purpose or meaning, arise together. As long as there is an observer, there is a relationship, and therefore a meaning to life.

This isn’t about you getting to the zero point. Or to the no thing. Or the void. Or non-existence. At all.

This is simply stating that the observer cannot exist without the world.

If the observer ceases to exist, the world ceases to exist as well.

And what is, which is empty of meaning, which is love, is left.

When the subject and object world collapse, it is seen that only what is, is left. And when what is, is stripped of meaning, it is not a threat, it is not bad, it is not a problem, it is not sad, or great or anything. It is simply free to be what it is.

It is from what is, that observation arises, then comes the observer, then the object, a relationship, and lastly, a perspective.

In spiritual language, we can say that “I am creating my reality” or “reality is creating me.”

In non dual language one could say there is only reality. And reality is only what is.

Non dualism does not give one freedom, liberation, or enlightenment.

But what it can do is shift perspectives.

However these shifts are infinite. They are as infinite as the combination of forms, expressions, and observers.

So to say that non duality gives any one perspective is inaccurate.

These shifts are only active, real, and relevant in what is. Outside of what is happening, they are a dream.

This means that reality is only relevant to what is appearing right now.

This means, there is an infinite amount of ways to discover or reveal love right now.

Not through “non dualism” or through any one thing. What is, is already love.

Furthermore, one can only be that which is being done.

The observer cold only be observing itself.

One could only be love, observing love, and nothing else.

By removing one’s perspective, and therefore one’s own self, from the equation, the world is unobstructed and free to be what it is – which is love.

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