SS-2015We have arrived at the Summer Solstice today. This incredible marker, crosses right through Father’s Day. In today’s blog I’d like to discuss what this energy is actually doing and how it applies to us individually, and of course collectively.

The most important thing to note is that all healers, or conscious human beings, are now at the right place, at the right time. The solstice marks a completely new energetic blue print. One that has never ever been experienced at this frequency level before. Manifestations, whether fear or love based, are instant for all beings. In the past we had to vibrate at a specific frequency to manifest. This is no longer the case, as with a collective upgrade, we are already embodying the highly evolving rate of consciousness and have fully come into self mastery through this “magician” or “alchemist” ability. The reason we have been gifted with an exponential ability of manifesting, is so that healers can indeed spread love and light right away. Those that are manifesting lower based creations out of fear, have also been gifted this ability in order to surface the aspects of themselves that still need divine light and healing.

Those of us that have desired to follow and embody our life purpose must now, actually embrace the changes that are being facilitated; we must fully accept divine will. We are no longer preparing for, working on or adjusting anything in order to live our divine purpose, but rather we are already it, here and now. Undoubtedly there are changes in your life right now. As this energy is happening on a collective level. Physical forms are now shifting immediately into beingness, connected deeply to their source. However, this summer solstice time actually asks us “Are we truly ready to embrace the NEW?” Those of us that are still fully resisting the death of the old, and clinging to old belief patterns, behaviors, jobs, people, environments and so forth are NOT fully embracing the universal upgrade. We are still operating out of fear.

You must remember that your environment and your relationships are your mirror. They reflect to you where you are still fighting and at war with yourself. The resolution of your inner conflict is the FINAL step of embracing your new life that is coming forth to be birthed into the new. As this new co-creation of yours comes into existence, just as a baby leaves the womb of the mother, we are feeling much pain and fear towards the new life. These creations are blessings, disguised as turmoil, to test our strength and devotion. Are we truly willing to leave the old, or are we still clinging and hanging on to it? There truly is no reason to be afraid of moving on. Metaphorically, our wings have arrived and we are being 100% divinely guided.

The inner strength that is being cultivated, is our new life moving through the birth canal into a new support system – SPIRIT! It only seems like a fight, but it is only the development of a devoted inner strength that is based completely on relying on the divine spirit within. With Father’s Day cutting Right into the Summer Solstice, again, we are shown to follow the divine pillar of light, that is always there for us, always providing, protecting and guiding our way. This period of opening for the new life is a collective rebirthing moving us into complete and total union with spirit. In order to move forward, we must learn to let go and surrender fully to the divine will – to whatever is happening and whatever you are being guided to love.

3 Replies to “The 2015 Summer Solstice and Father’s Day”

  1. Ken says:

    Great post! Very cool indeed the speeding up of manifestations, it appears to me as well.

    Do you have an opinion on June 30’s Jupiter and Venus alignment?

    Thanks again for the post. 🙂

    1. kate says:

      Thanks for your note, Ken. It’s quite a spectacular alignment that, from what I believe, last happened 2,000 years ago. The bottom line is we’re dealing with the planet of love and the planet of power. As this alignment is revealed right in the middle of the Summer, we are being reminded that the ultimate creative principle is Love. This is important to note from a manifestation standpoint, as love infuses our creations with purity and grace, but also from a standpoint of those struggling with fear based thoughts around power coming in from the outside. especially if we have concerns around politics and the environment or any outside conditions, really. We can not fight forces of “evil” in any other manner, outside of the power of love. If we do not learn to love the enemy and work with the alchemical elements of love/light we will NOT be able to shift some of these horrendously unbalanced energies in our ecosystems, government, societies and of course in the world.


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