Most people live in an illusion. They believe that who they are is their belongings, their job, their career path, their families, their money, their health, their body. In fact, most of us believe that when we have nothing that we are deeply flawed. We do not belong. Unfortunately, the world mirrors this belief to us. That unless we’re successful, wealthy, mentally well, strong, courageous, beautiful, loved by others etc…we are screwed.
Perhaps, it was never your goal to belong to a world in which we are all strangers to ourselves outside of what we “have”, what we’ve “accomplished”, how sexy our bodies are, how interesting our minds and personalities are, how many friends we have, how many good relationships, how valuable our possessions are…
Perhaps, those of us who did not buy this story, have wandered off to uncharted lands, or unknown destinations, not because we were lost, but rather because something, somewhere deep within us knows that we were never on a path, heading towards a singular goal in just one direction…birth, life, death… Perhaps, when we make peace with the pathless path, the deep true knowing that there is no beginning, middle or end, perhaps then this is when we realize that we were always home all along.

I believe that sometimes it takes loosing everything to discover that nothing has really ever been lost.

I also believe that we must strengthen and validate each other in our search for this Truth, because it is not an easy path to walk. When a world that has become overly entrenched in material possessions, incessant greed, and a craving for power and influence at the expense of the continual destruction of our eco systems and other humans, it may very well not make sense for someone to continue on a path that supports this.
So, if you’re reading this today and you’re discouraged from your life, from the exhaustion of trying to find a meaningful career, feeling lost, confused, and even hopeless because you do not yet know or understand your place in the world, even if it’s simply because you do not have a job, a home, a livable wage, a family, your health, a lover, whatever it is….just know that there is a reason you have not forged forward living in the shoes of a stranger, of someone you are not.
You have chosen to live as who you are in a world that is trying at all costs to prevent this. In a world that does not value nor does it want you do do this. In fact, the world would prefer you to believe that you need more power, more money, a bigger home, another lover…and God knows what other narratives are out there attempting to pollute the crystalline nature of your true being, which is in the world but not of it.
In the end, remind yourself that once everything is lost and you have nothing left, that which could never, ever be lost, your true self, the truth of who you are, is shining brightly underneath ready to recognize that you are already home.
Perhaps sometimes it takes getting lost in a stranger’s land to realize that.

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  1. Jyoti says:

    Hi Kate, Im Jyoti, I live in Pune, India. I came across your website and I am stunned.
    I wanted to share with you that the seeing is unfolding in me. There is a whole lot of peace and assurance and a deep knowing that this is it, the answer to everything. This is the answer that is putting everything in place or rather showing (me) that everything is exactly where it supposed to be.
    My life has been deconstructing in a big way, yet I find myself happier and at peace than ever before. Nothing is going in the conventional way in which I was raised to understand about success or happiness or love.
    However, I also see fear of completely letting go (all the worldly reasons seem to be holding me back). I feel like I am waiting for the unfolding and the final revelation.
    You speak directly to me. Thank you for validating what I know is true in the core of my being. I just wanted to reach out to you through the veil of time and distance and say hello and namaste. May the twinkle in your eyes shine on forever. Love, Jyoti


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