Why are human relationships one of the most powerful creations in the world of form?

Because, in essence, we are all the same. Sure, we’re all human. But, we’re also one Being.

It would make sense then that when we have broken relationships, feel disconnected, misunderstood, rejected, alone, and abandoned that we could fall into terrible social anxiety, struggle to maintain bonds, drop into deeply depressive states, and even die sooner (recent research from ADP).

Our human bond and connection with one another are essential to sustain life here on earth. Without it, the human race would perish.

Non duality, in essence, points to such a deeply profound and loving state of being, that it is indescribable within words. It’s like trying to tell your friend how you just had the best peach (or your favorite fruit) on earth – and then proceeding to describe the experience to them. It’s like…just give them a bite! Otherwise, there’s no point in describing it, right? This deeply profoundly loving state is the spiritual heart, the source of forgiveness, compassion, kindness, love, and connection.

Stop your search for enlightenment, riches, life purpose, the ideal lover…this is not what you want.


Non duality is so useless if our hearts aren’t open.

And I’m sorry to give you a prescription here, but I’m just in that kind of mood right now…

Just stop this seeking.

Go say hi to someone on the street.

Ask them how they’re doing.

Buy someone a coffee.

Send a friend a letter, not a text.


Don’t shut down. Stay open. No matter how much pain and fear you’re in…look people in the eyes, see their souls…

Don’t be afraid of what people say to you. Connect beyond words with them. See their presence…

Forgive that person who hurt you, no matter what they did to you. I know some people have been hurt terribly. Just know it wasn’t them….it was the whole universe trying to show you the love that is capable of forgiveness and compassion.

Be real, be human. Don’t put your armor on. Don’t go to war. What you are cannot be hurt, so stay bare…stay willing…stay hopeful…

Did you know that there is so much love in your life right now? Like there’s someone and something that really truly loves you. Like with their whole damn heart…and they want you to accept that love. Even if this person is not in a body, or even if it’s an animal, maybe it’s just one single person, like your neighbor, there is something here that loves and appreciates you. And beyond that is the one eternal light of the universe embracing you.

Please don’t look away from the light…even though it’s so bright and blinding…just keep looking because I promise you that the love that is trying to come to you from other living beings, from life, from plants, from stars and your own Being is eternal and all it wanted was your attention. Not your focus – your presence!

Are you willing to accept the love that you already have? The love that’s already in your life? The love that doesn’t need you to change, to do anything…the love that just wants you as you are right now?

Because love is always ready for you.

But you must be ready for it too.

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