All seeking, all of it, is the attempt to resolve discomfort in the body. In this attempt, there is a massive amount of responsibility, pressure, and personal attachment. The outline of this is extremely straightforward.


Most depressive and apathetic tendencies stem from the following thought process…

“I can’t solve this problem.”

In most cases, it is not that one can’t solve their discomfort. It is that one “won’t” solve it.

This means, that one can immediately shift from a place of powerlessness to a place of personal power: I can’t vs. I won’t.


I mention this for a very specific reason. Most of the suffering of the personal “I” originates from a strong sense of powerlessness and disempowerment, and is a source of a significant amount of wasted energy and discomfort, resulting in a multitude of dysfunctions and illnesses, on the mental, emotional, and physical levels (as they are all one, not separate).

If you won’t solve the problem, the next logical question is “why”?

Well, “I don’t know what to do.”, “I don’t want to fail.”, “I’m afraid of being judged.” ….etc.

The dilemma now evolves into the realm of beliefs…and the fun begins.

“I” am lost.
“I” am unworthy.
“I” don’t have the money.
“I” don’t have the support.

No matter what the belief is, it’s surely an uncomfortable energetic experience.

This energy builds upon itself. These beliefs look for validation, excuses, and continue to build upon themselves a forsaken, lost, hopeless identity. This is then taken to be “who I am” and one gets stuck…

Anger, and Desire

A positive and logical movement in this investigation, in order to get unstuck, would be to distinguish what is wanted or desired, in order to move from the belief into a place of anger (which is essentially a place of action), and immediately pulls the energy from its depressive, stuck tendencies into a forward moving shift that sits on the brink of “courage.”

For example,

“I want a relationship. It’s not true that I don’t deserve to be loved.”

“I want a better job. It’s not true that I don’t have the ability to….(get more education, partner with someone interesting, develop higher paying skills…etc)

However, make no mistake about this. These are powerful and strong obstacles on the personal level, and most likely have build up over decades…so they must be approached on very subtle levels, rather than grandiose and aggressive ones, where one brings a gentle and curious approach to the table.

Courage & Action

This level is a monumental shift. When the desire is clearly unveiled, and it’s corresponding obstacle is defined, one can begin to take action.

One of the quickest way to surrender a fear is to go straight into it.

For example,

“I deserve love, so I will open an online dating profile outlining everything I believe I deserve.”

“I want more success, so I will take out a business loan or apply for a scholarship to invest in myself.” …etc…

This most often leads to an immediate karmic release, feelings of lightness, freedom and joy. However, if the leap is too much of a great one, which it most often is, one must work on it on an energetic level.


Surrendering to the obstacle means that,

“I am willing to LET GO OF the fear that I will…”be alone forever…”…. “be poor, homeless, or unsuccessful….” etc..

This is a continual practice. It requires devotion, commitment and trust. These are subtle qualities not in the dense world of powerlessness that one has just moved from. Therefore, already, within this framework, one has developed the ability to move from the lowest realms of consciousness, to realms where other possibilities are available.

Ultimately, at this point it would make the most sense for one to begin awareness of the unending well of one’s true nature, the ultimate source of space of support, safety, love, abundance, etc. But this cannot really be done from the lowest level of consciousness which would be powerlessness, guilt, shame etc. One would have to do the exploration of unraveling these thick emotions and thoughts that are wrapped up in these karmic patters, in a framework that moves them through the scale of consciousness, like the one mentioned above, or a similar one.

In conclusion, many of the so-called and perceived “obstacles” to liberation, enlightenment or freedom are no different than what was blocking one prior to the “honorable and spiritual” aspirations of enlightenment. This is where all mind- manufactured non -dual concepts come to a close and one realizes that they are back right where they began. Meeting themselves over, and over, as though for the very first time. In reality, seeking Brahman or the Self, requires seeking the (little) “s”elf or the world, because they are in fact…one thing and not two.

It must also be noted that this interplay of seeking, is in fact, from a non dual perspective, an appearance. This does not invalidate it, but it also does not impact the eternal Truth of Being or No-thing which does not shift in the apparent shifting and alchemical reality of the seeker. However, it is no more valid than the reality of the seeker, because, as I just wrote above, they are one and of the same.

Resources: Consciousness scale framework offered by Dr. David Hawkins.

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