Where is it that we’re trying to get to? Where is this imagined destination of a better future? Essentially, there is no you, there is no where to get to. However, the human’s goals, dreams and desires do appear. Giving the appearance of a seperate self, that has free will and is on it’s way to executing an imagined life of what it believes will bring it peace, joy and love.

How can anything bring you home to what you already are? None-the less, we are not all embodying these qualities and feel so distant from them, that they seem ethereal or unattainable. So here we are, most of society, looking in relationships, material possessions, fame, success and money to try and feel the liberation that is available to us right here and right now.

This isn’t saying don’t be a human and don’t express the human things. This is quite simply a gentle reminder that you won’t ever make it to peace, joy and love in time, because peace, love and joy is in the eternal presence of what you are in every moment. This is either heard or it isn’t. I can’t make that sink in – it either does, or it doesn’t.

The purpose of life is to exist. But I’m not saying be an apathetic blob, with no emotions pacifying your humanness with the thoughts “I’m not really here”. Hell no! I’m saying that true liberation is being just as you are in every moment. If you’re angry. Get really angry. If you’re in love, feel the freedom in that – be fully in love. This is about a life with no filter. This is about a life that’s happening full on! This is about complete and total unification. This is about the absolute. This is about every single moment being exactly what it is. The majority of humans reject this moment, and they completely miss the aliveness in it. This moment is constantly changing, it’s always on it’s way out. You can’t hold on to it. Everything is just passing through. These are visitors in the house of the infinite. These are just moments passing on through the infinite I amness.

Of course the human want’s to give life meaning. Weddings, deaths, births, birthday’s and achievements like graduation or the moving on to the next phase of life dominate our imagination. These life events take on a personification and a strong story and sense of self gets attracted to it. We get lost in the thick plots of life and this moment gets bulldozed over, it gets completely forgotten. And the whole time what one was seeking for was right here HERE HERE HERE!!!

What a strange life it is 😉

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