That which you are is so vast and free and infinite. But there is no “You”. There is just this innocence, just awakeness.

In this boundless space all appears. The body, the thoughts, the program, the sounds, the colors, the feelings. These are appearing and disappearing out of and into itself.

Who are you?

Virtually, this is the most profound inquiry, yet one that can’t be answered by that which is asking the question.

You can’t wake yourself up to the true nature of things, it’s so immediate and so close. It’s RIGHT HERE. HERE. HERE. HERE. But you can’t wake up to it, because what you think you are is itself as just a thought.

You don’t need to go anywhere, do anything, chant a mantra, pray or spend years in solitude to wake up. These things are just arising and falling in that which you are which is a  vast awakeness.

There is no controller in this recognition. YOU don’t choose, YOU don’t make decisions or live 100 years. This is a lie. What you think you are is a dream happening in the dreamer. This dreamer is everything in the dream, the dreamer is the true experiencer of everything that is appearing in the dream which it is. The dreamer has no beginning, middle or end. It is immediate. It is right HERE. It is closer than close. It is your very nature.

When the energy that thinks it exists begins the collapse back into it’s true nature, it might still hang on to itself not fully willing to ‘die away’ or dissolve. It’s not really interested in completely letting go. In true awakeness, that which you think you are will still appear and disappear in order to function and fulfill it’s tasks of pain or pleasure, however that self is not identified any longer. It can’t be. If it were awake and identified, it would be drawn to living a lie, but that’s impossible. In this realization there cannot be anymore lies. There’s no barriers of inside or outside. You are not safe here. You are transparent. There aren’t any boundaries of where you begin and where you end.

This is not referring to conditioning, habits, societal programming. Those are also just functions and within the realization it’s possible that those functions lessen, but that which is being pointed to has nothing to do with the functions of things, with the movement between pleasure or pain. It has nothing to do with this. Self help and spirituality are a good resource for improving this conditioning, but not this closeness or immediacy of truth. That is, was and forever will be untouched. Here, in this space, there is only that which is happening, which doesn’t end or begin and is beyond that which appears or collapses.

This won’t and shouldn’t make sense to that which is searching, this can only be read and made true upon the experience of one’s true nature. And it’s right here, closer than the breath.

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