I’ve chosen to express a few pieces of writing about presence and compassion lately. However, I’d like to break down the spirituality in this allusion that we can become compassionate.

Who is it that wants the compassion?

Who is it that’s afraid to die?

Ultimately, everything that is sought by the seeker is so that the seeker can avoid it’s own death. It asks questions about how it can get to its imagined destination of compassion, peace and love, yet the answer won’t solve the problem of the questioner. The reason the seeker is seeking at all is only ever because it doesn’t want to die. Yet, that’s not the answer. It’s that “you” don’t want to cease existing in time. That is the real fear. You are not afraid to die, you are afraid of time. You are afraid of not having a tomorrow in order to continue the search for compassion, or money or love or whatever.

A collapse of the seeker is the eradication of the subject and the object relationship. There cannot be desire, if it is seen that the subject and the object are one. When that which is inside is still seen as seperate from that which is outside, the desire to acquire the object will still pervade the experience. There must be a seer for an object to be seen. In death, it is clear that the true nature is both the seer and the seen. Many non-dual teachers give the example of dreaming: The subject and object collapse when one is asleep and there is just the seeing happening.

It is so romantic to imagine that we can create peace, compassion and love in our lives. It is such a perfect story. It feels so good to tell that lie. But this post is pointing to beyond that which wants this story of hope for a better future. This is pointing to NOW, NOW, NOW. Spirituality feeds these stories to the seeker, giving that energy a false hope and a false sense of what it is. But the void in which this is happening, is motionless, empty, watching in complete and total stillness. This is so extremely beautiful. This is total innocence!

The seeking energy wants to avoid death at all costs. That is why it doesn’t know its true nature.

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