DemonDemonizing is a coping mechanism that we employ to painlessly process our fears. It is the act of projecting onto a person, situation or environment-separation. Any time we speak negatively of another person, situation or environment, we are claiming that this seemingly separate experience is causing us harm. The most common form of demonizing is pure negative focus, or the failure to see universal perspective. To claim that someone has hurt you or has done you harm is to deny the universal principles of love, oneness and attraction.

The mind is an absolute iceberg. Negativity is this small tip of the iceberg, pointing out from the surface of a depth of various energies. It is our protective mechanism, the part of ourselves that wants to remain loved, safe, happy. When we are not associating love, safety and happiness with the present moment, we see at a surface level, the areas of our life that are causing us discontent. These are ghosts. These are phantoms that dance before you and tempt you to latch on to their quick and easy route back to love: If I can only “get rid of”, “let go of”, “change”, “move on” from this seemingly negative experience, then I will once again be safe, loved and happy.

Let me tell you why this is so, so, so dangerous. By demonizing something undesirable, we actually relay our personal power to the authenticityexperience. We tell the universe, “This thing is making me unhappy.” No! You were unhappy in the first place, which is why the universe has reflected back to you an experience that is also unhappy. Furthermore, through resistance, we feed these demons continuing to give away our divine, sacred energies which should be applied towards the things we actually do want to be experiencing. When we begin to resist or separate ourselves from our own creations, we are digging up graves for our true emotions, and burying them away as though they never existed. Since they now, “Don’t exist” through our failure of acknowledging them, they begin to push you farther and farther away from your true self, ultimately disconnecting you from source perspective, or universal law. Universal law is love. It is the principle that the universe is continually moving into greater healing, greater fulfillment and greater expansion.

A useful practice to employ is non resistance. It is the act of remaining open to your pain, your discomfort and your suffering. Only then will you begin to move through the thick, dark confusing layers to the very source of your suffering. You will begin to see that your fears of “Not being good enough”, “Not being loved”, “Not being bored”, “Not being safe” etc are sabotaging you from experiencing true freedom, love and happiness. This is not to say that the demon is within you. We are complete, whole and perfect beings. The source of our discontent, whatever false belief it may have been–is a tool. It is one little bread crumb leading you closer and closer to experiencing an authentic, in alignment life. This is part of the deal that we opted into here on planet earth!

To clarify, this is not to say that we should bypass other peoples injustices towards us. We must learn to exhibit compassion and forgiveness in order to find peace, but we must also learn to establish healthy boundaries that are based around our authenticity. If we are truly coming from a place of authenticity, we will be able to align with situations, people and environments that reflect our true being. Our authenticity, or that which is true for us, must be honored at all costs, for it is the true pathway to our innermost riches.

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