DevotionWe are living in the new. What this means is that the universal principles in which we operate in are becoming self-evident. In addition, we are dealing with a very prominent sense of urgency. To tie these facts together, we are getting the opportunity to impact all of life, at a level that was never before known to us this deeply. We are no longer just aware or our purpose, but rather drawn so potently into it’s knowing that we cannot ignore it. Those of us that attempt to follow old structures–jobs, relationships, behavioral patters, and refuse to upgrade our consciousness will experience great suffering.

This suffering or stuckness, emptiness, meaninglessness, sickness etc is originating from very dense energies that are not proactively being transcended into their lighter counterparts. This is not an easy task, but it’s completely doable. It is also urgent. Until we upgrade and integrate our new consciousness, we will continue attracting experiences that are aligned with the old vibrational frequencies. For example, if you are in a toxic relationship or unfulfilling job and refuse to transcend these heavier energies which are likely manifest in arguing, yelling, pain and depression you will continue to attract lower densities on all levels including diet, through craving foods like fried food, caffeine, processed sugar, alcohol etc as well as lower density thoughts mostly void of creativity, new ideas and potential opportunities. In turn, your overall vibration will continue to reflect this predominant energy and you will attract various disconnects in other relationships and areas of life. Eventually, depending on your predominant thought pattern, you will attract an experience that aims to heal and uplift this frequency. This might be a break up, a job loss, a sickness etc.

The reason this is important and directly related to your devotion, is because lower density vibrations are blockages to your soul imprint. They prevent the heart chakra from emanating high frequency light waves of consciousness that can lead you towards your destiny. Your destiny, is your soul imprint or life purpose. Your life purpose will ALWAYS be connected to the betterment of all of life and not just your life, regardless of what it is. It will always feel good, it will always be effortless and it will heavily test you in areas like faith, trust, self-love, inner strength and resilience. These tests can be viewed as “upgrades”. When we are able to recognize and flow with that energy of transcendence, we move closer and closer to our destinies, becoming more and more free, happy, safe, connected, loved, wealthy and so forth. This path is the path of God consciousness and eventually attracts ONLY light energy to itself. This is a path of complete presence and non-resistance. It is a devotion to your self. Unfortunately for some, this path is non negotiable in terms of devotion.

When we are being asked to walk this journey, it is not possible to be partly in. What I mean by this, is that your devotion to your soul imprint does not accept you half-way. Your entire body, mind and soul must be willing to align with this path. You cannot compromise here. You’re either all in or you’re not. For example, someone that knows they are a healer of the physical body, and they believe in a holistic modality (remember this path is always connected to ALL of life) which they would like to teach others about, must take all the necessary steps towards this mission-even if that means leaving existing circumstances to pursue your passion and destiny.

This high vibrational energy of devotion actually opens the heart chakra so intensely that manifestations are almost instant and the entire universe begins to completely and fully line up to support you. The heart space is a sensitive area connected to all of life. While we can claim it is located in the left area of our chest, it actually functions as a completely separate dimension from our physical reality. This is the space at which we feel ALL of life, all of existence. It has the power to transport us through and into ourselves, into the oneness of all of life, the oneness that is love. For those that know they have blockages in the heart chakra, there are many techniques that can help you connect with this space and strengthen your devotion. I encourage all readers today to be honest with themselves here: “How devoted are you?” and “Do you need to open your heart a little more?” Let open the floodgates of all your emotions, unblock yourself by opening yourself to all of life and let the journey begin right now! Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is waiting for you.

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