While the death of the illusory separate self seems like both an arduous and agonizing process, its departure or dissolution is simply the fading away of that which is illusory. To the illusory “me” this feel devastating, confusing and sad…”Poor me. What’s my purpose? Who to be? Where to go? What to do? What next.”

Energy fading along an empty, clear horizon…

No answers come. Just the still quiet and silent Being. “Me” mistakes this silence as an abandonment, betrayal, by our path and by our very selves…by God or Being…

Yet something deeper and more real trusts and knows that this ego death is a necessary and integral path of this journey.

When no answers come, no path is revealed, no direction is given…no companionship found, no antidote or cures…it is here that the false sense of self surrenders at the door of the universe herself…no longer begging, praying or asking for clarity, healing or salvation.

At this point there is only one step, one breath to total surrender to the unknowable mystery of Being.

It is this moment that has been the decree of one’s spiritual path. This simple, yet ordinary moment of completely letting go.

No more waiting for the next mesmerizing form, person, place, environment or experience….the next emotional euphoria, the next mesmerizing train of thought..no more seeking in the temporal..

Now only the stillness, now only silence.

No more plans…
No more stories…
No more wishing for another moment…
No more running…
No more wanting to find.

Right before this ego death, the illusory separate self may fall into extreme despair as it attempts to maintain an illusory sense of control over its core identity. For example, resisting its core human fears like poverty, annihilation, lack of purpose, illness, or death.

Yet, these fears eventually dissolve, or fade away into the very ground of Being…which is the silence or the void of what is.

Eventually all that is left is what’s happening. And the wonder of it all. Yet, simultaneously non duality does continue to exist with duality. It is not either or, it is both, arising together…for no one.

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