birdsBy now, the conscious human has developed extreme sensitivity. In his aware state he struggles to understand the meaning of his newfound rainbow body. At this point he has transmuted much of the dense dark matter of the collective consciousness, subconscious mind and in his cells. As his levels of compassion and awareness rise, he will see a dissipation of his old consciousness and rapid changes on the outside will accordingly be accelerated. Today I want to discuss the climactic turning point, at which the human is now moving from awareness into embodiment.

In the “old” spirituality, we used prayers, mantras, elaborate practices, spirit guides/channeling, mysticism and so forth. We were still calling upon power from the outside. When we are completely unified with the entire universe, energetically, physically, mentally and emotionally we exist in a state that is infinite and permanent (not created, maintained or destroyed, but timeless). The amount of love contained in our beingness is so powerful that we are often moved to do extraordinary things and experience miraculous revelations. As we move within our sensitive states, we open the gateway to the heart of the universe and step into a dimension that is untouchable. We cannot be harmed here, we become invincible. Nothing can upset, scare, block or distract us from the powerful force of love that penetrates us on every level. We experience everything from heavy physical euphorias to deeply emotional openings that can be triggered by anything and everything, even a leaf falling off of a tree. Once there, we cannot hold on to this cosmic state forever but we can allow it to change us and move us as it comes and goes moving through us in powerful light waves.

This state is extremely fragile. It contains such a high vibrational frequency and so much extreme power that the human feels overwhelmed that they cannot contain it’s force and submits his entire being fully and completely to the power of love moving through him. In this state of beingness (not awareness – but beingness, I will discuss this momentarily) one can manifest anything he wants instantly, as he is only manifesting universal love no matter what he wants as he is totally surrendered to the divine, all ailments, imbalances and blockages immediately dissipate and the healings of oneself and others are instantaneous, the fear of death or of anything for that matter, is completely gone as one is, again, completely surrendered to divine will.

Once you have this experience, you will be able to explain your experience in a very limited manner. Most people will not be able to relate to you, or they will listen and assume this is a phenomenon that cannot be replicated easily. You will make decisions and take actions that the majority will not comprehend. However, you will be so free in your existence and so connected to your Truth, that your very presence will be enough to change, correct and open many vortices and energetic imbalances in environments, people and situations. To achieve this state of Christ consciousness is quite simple. It is the most natural state we can possibly be in. While it comes and goes, it’s purpose is to move and not stay stagnant. As it opens you up and transforms your consciousness, it brings you “back to Earth” so that you can remain in balance and harmony with the physical world.

The new spirituality is one of embodiment. No guide, teacher, institution or practice will impress this upon you from the outside. The only way you can experience this is through the embodiment of love. You must be love, think love, feel love, eat love, communicate love, behave through love and live in love. You cannot come here any other way.

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