Ripples waves and currents in fast flowing riverTrue freedom only exists in presence and this presence is full of a love, in which loneliness and fear cannot dwell in. In true presence YOU disappear, because truly being in presence means to recognize the stillness, the perfection, the love and the intimacy of the sadness or of anything that is happening. It means to see interconnectedness. How can one ever, ever be lonely? Only thought is lonely, because thought is seperate from presence. Only thought can be sad or disappointed.

To be alive and to be truly free is to fully integrate into the space which you are, are made of and a part of. It means to be present so fully and so completely that one disappears into ONE. It is to recognize that the space is always there, even in your loneliness, stucknesss, sadness and depression. The recognition of this space lives behind the focus on thoughts, behind your story. It is deeper, more real than your story. It as the power to completely break through and dissolve your story, or any illusions, even the illusion that you exist. This is always the truth that love is. And behind these pretty words is an aliveness, a living, breathing experience of love that is consciously present for itself, fully, completely. It needs nothing from itself – it is totally, fully and eternally complete in and of everything. This recognition goes beyond form, beyond thoughts, beyond feelings and even beyond experience—which is fleeting and changes. This is a knowing that is so complete that it can only pull back into itself whatever it is that’s wandering off into story land, into illusion.

It’s a black hole or an all consuming white light. it’s ONE life, one truth, one love. It’s THIS. This moment, this room, this sound, this thought, this feeling. And it’s always, always, alway changing – gone – gone -gone! All of it is gone, like these words, now gone. There’s love here. Always, in everything. Only one who knows this with their whole, entire, heart, spirit and being lives through the heart and being of the universe. Everything it’s doing, everything you are belongs to this love – this eternal Truth – that if truly realized illicits gratitude deeper than words. It’s always perfect, because life never left perfection – your thoughts did, but you did not. That which you are doesn’t move or change, it’s just having an experience of itself, of it’s thoughts, of it’s body, of life.

There’s only love, which is stillness, the space beyond thought, presence, union, gratitude, acceptance. This is the freedom. This is it. It’s never anything beyond the space. To chase the forms in it, is to be unaware of what you are. What you are is NOT what’s chasing the forms. That’s an appearance arising in you. There’s so much love in this, in everything. The best part is, it was always there, it was always you. You never left love, because you can’t leave what you are. All that ever happened was experiences that arose and you mistook what you are for the experience.

What life is doing may appear painful, but all it’s doing is expressing what it is which is love. However, the experience of pain, of fear is so full on that we mistake reality for a fleeting experience and we live in and build upon an illusion. To wake up to this is to let everything live in love just as it is – without moving upstream from the current of life.

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