Kundalini Yoga for Establishing a Strong Foundation

Sat Nam! Come join Kasia a KRI certified Kundalini Instructor, for December’s Kundalini in the Park series. On Sunday December 8th at 10:00am, we will practice Kundalini Yoga to establish a firm foundation physically, mentally and emotionally. The class will apply ancient yogic teachings, breath work and inner sound currents to help students experience stability and balance by strengthening the pelvic region. Physiologically, the pelvis acts as a foundation or point of balance, for the torso and the lower foundation on earth. A firm foundation on earth helps one reach subtle realms of boundlessness!

In this 2 Hour Class Students Will:

* Increase Strength & Flexibility of the Pelvic Region
* Strengthen Emotional Imbalances
* Reach More Subtle Realms Of Consciousness to Release Mental Blocks
* Realign the Pelvic Region to Set a stronger Physical Foundation