Kundalini Yoga for Withstanding the Pressure of Time

Sat Nam! Come join Kasia a KRI certified Kundalini Instructor, for December’s Kundalini in the Park series. On Sunday December 22nd at 1:00pm, we will practice Kundalini Yoga to help keep up with our concept of time. The class will apply ancient yogic teachings, breath work and inner sound currents to strenghten the nervous system, which, when run-down from “rushing” against the clock, puts additional stress on the adrenal, circulatory and lymphatic system

In this 2 Hour Class Students Will:
* Receive a full tune-up of their nervous system
* Learn techniques to withstand external pressure
* Release built up tension and tightness in the body
* Experience emotional, mental and physical weightlessness


Sunday, December 22nd at 1pm-2:30pm


Purple Lotus Studio

13625 Adrian St (off Midland Rd. in Poway), 92064