self-loveI woke up the other morning and began burning a rose scented candle. Immediately I noticed how peaceful I felt. During that same moment the sun began to rise in incredibly deep and bright hues of pink. As I drank my tea, I became so inspired that I had to blog about Love. I began to experience a sort of loveliness in my mind. My thoughts were beautiful and I was beautiful. I realized how important it is for us to be self-loving. I think it’s so easy to expect others to treat us kindly, to want people to display compassion and admiration towards us. It is such an amazing feeling when you genuinely feel valued and appreciated by the world at a deep level. What about how we feel towards ourselves? Do we say beautiful things to our reflection? Do we feel at peace being alone, or bored and restless? Do we check in with ourselves often, to see how we’re feeling and why? It’s so easy to escape into the things on the outside-our workouts, food, our work, other people, friends, activities we love like yoga, running etc. AS we enjoy these amazing aspects of life, there are those rare moments when we aren’t filled with a sense of something taking up our senses and attention. At that moment, we may begin to wander into the past, or start to analyze where we’re at and where we want to go with our lives, we might want to immediately begin doing something to get busy and be productive. Those short, infinite moments when you are just you, with yourself are so beautiful and loving. They are a chance for you to experience how much you love yourself. And how much the universe loves you. Just think about your breath. Close your eyes and feel all the sensations in your body, watch all your thoughts, try and hear every sound possible. And just take the moment for what it is-so pure and so basic. The theme for everyone is to simplify. To keep getting rid of the clutter, the things, the people, the environments, the things that you don’t need. That aren’t useful. Only when your cup is empty will you be filled with this gracious and deep moment of pure love. The kind that is spontaneous, flighty but infinite, simple and subtle. No matter where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing-never forget to pause, take a deep breath and just become aware of everything that you could possibly become aware of-then you will suddenly realize how much love is inside of you!

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