birdsI want to write about something so important today. What do we do when life looses it’s magic? How do we move forward into the beauty within and before us every single day? How do we stop our obligations, other people’s judgements and difficult circumstances from taking away the beauty in our life?

The answer here is so simple, but not always easy to implement. As spiritual beings we are very, very thirsty for our creator. We want to feel the depth of the joy, the love and the peace that we are made of. This is our birthright, this is also our duty. When undergoing massive transitions in life, being faced with inconceivable pain, challenges, fears and losses we need strength. This strength is: commitment and will. We must have an actual devotion to the love of life. This is our first and foremost priority. We must know that all other things are secondary. Who are we and what do we need to feel love? Is it connections with others, is it silence and peace, is it music and dance, candles and flowers, looking at art and beauty, being with animals and cooking? This is the quickest way to shift our vibration, to immediately do something that embodies our own unique soul essence. This is a quick fix!

What if we want something more sustainable, something more constant, permanent? This requires a little more work. As free beings with free will, the way we feel is the way we’ve CHOSEN to feel. Do you understand this? Can you feel the autonomy and power in this statement? You have created your reality through the power of your mind and the song of your heart. Is your heart closed? Your song might be a quiet whisper and you might be sad that it cannot belt it’s beautiful essence into creation. You must use your will to elevate yourself into a practice that can help you maintain your innermost essence. Your hunger and thirst is not different from mine, but it does have a different expression. How you walk to source is your unique path, no one can tell you that a single teaching, action or way of life is the answer. Only you and your soul know this. This is unique and secret knowledge meant only for you. Anything that you seek that is outside of yourself to give you the truth of who you are is absolutely ridiculous. Do you see the error of this?

When you quiet yourself, turn off the electronics, the sounds, the distractions and take a step back and into your innermost being, you are communing with your source, the source of all. Sure, there are techniques: prayer, meditation, yoga, awareness, journaling. These are some of the highest vibrational techniques for a daily practice. But it’s truly that simple-and this is the answer in today’s blog post. What is your daily practice for experiencing you inner reality, going inside, bringing your awareness into your inner space? Without this commitment and the will to create a daily devotion to God, your creator, you are disconnected from all of life. This is a bold statement and should not be misconstrued. It is in your strength and desire to experience all of life without having to be separate from it, without needing a quick fix like a run, a hobby, a friend that gives you this interconnectedness to all that is. A daily spiritual practice offers to you a sustainable, permanent type of happiness that nothing and no one can ever take away from you.

I know that I’m not always in the highest vibrational space to attract the desire to pray, meditate or go within. I’m always drawn to go there, but it’s like climbing Mount Everest . I have to use all my will and my inner strength (not force-there is no force in the experience of joy and love) to begin and maintain a daily routine. In this routine, my dear friends, is the secret. In this quiet daily communion is your answer.

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