dandelion“What seems to us as bitter trials, are often blessings in disguise.” said Oscar Wilde. What a profound statement! To me, it states that there is only goodness in life. Recently, I had an experience where the answer to one of my prayers was revealed to me, through something I was very resistant to. In my shell of judgement and self-fulfilling prophecies, I continued to avoid one particular person who embodied past parts of myself that I am not necessarily proud of. This incredibly inspirational person lost all of their light to me, because I could not get past the negative qualities of theirs that I was focused on. I continued to dwell in a deeply resistant mindset towards working with this individual and giving them much more of my time. Although, something inside myself kept motivating me to “Keep Going!” So, I continued to see this person and gave them a chance. What I found has shaken me with such force, that I am deeply grateful and blessed. I have even been liberated from my judgements.

The experience forced me to look upon the many faces life has for me sometimes. Monsters, phantoms, masks being worn left and right! Sometimes I can’t even tell what’s real and what I’m making up in my mind. I’ve learned something so important that I want to share with you: Your prayers are always being answered, but because of your resistance towards the layers and layers of pain, suffering, tribulation and darkness surrounding that which you are praying for, you give up. We do it all the time. We give up hope and faith, we give up on others, in jobs, in relationships and most importantly we give up on ourselves. Somewhere through time we began to stop listening to our desires, falsely believing that they are just mere dreams and illusions, completely out of our reach. The truth is that nothing worth your time is going to be easy. Yes, I said it! Life is hard for a reason, and this infinitely intelligent force operating between our desire, intention and its manifestation requires your courage to keep going and to keep believing in your heart and in your desires, no matter how horrible and ugly the barriers you encounter are.

Anywhere in your life where you are experiencing pain, suffering, anger, resistance, hopelessness that, my friend, is where the answer to your prayer is buried. Whether it’s the perfect source of income, a new home, a baby a successful relationship, inspiring friends, a new car-whatever! Look deeply at this source of your resistance, question it, examine it, think of it in an out-of-the-box way, which means, step aside and see the bigger picture. Often times we are so narrow minded and enclosed in our own experience, that we completely forget about the experience of the universe. We forget that we are a network of energy, co-existing with an infinite array of pieces. These pieces which our desires and their manifestations are composed of are a highly, highly, highly intelligent network, continually sending and receiving information. When our emotional guidance system is rooted in lower vibrational frequencies like “non-deserving”, “Self-Hatered”, “Blame”, “Anger”, we add more and more layers to distance ourselves from our desire, sending us further and further away from it. So, I encourage you today to delve deeply into your darkness, your resistance, your hopelessness and I promise you that you will find a diamond, something so valuable you will be completely humbled by how the universe has heard you, but you forgot to listen.


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