persistenceIt’s taken me so many years to understand how to get what I want. From phrasing my desires, coming up with strategies, finding courage to pursue my goals, getting clear with myself and an entire plethora of other elements worked with and against me in meeting my intentions. I can honestly say that there is one key differentiating factor between those people who always get what they want, those that sometimes do and those that never do: PERSISTENCE. Obviously, we have to get clear with ourselves, believe in ourselves and take action. Taking action is clearly the most important catalyst. We can hope, have faith and get as clear as we want on what our needs and wants are and continue visualizing them day after day, but when we’re not jumping into the ice cold water, even though it’s freezing, we can’t expect any change. That’s just not realistic and it’s actually completely illogical.

About 4 years ago I got into my first fender bender, to spare you all the details, it was not my fault and I had horrible insurance and the other driver was less than cooperative. I got home stressed, afraid and sat on the phone all day with insurance. My neighbor, a very good friend of mine, supported the process and guided me through the conversations as I figured out my witnesses, photos etc. At one point I said to her “Screw it. I’m just going to pray about this!!” She stopped me, and said “No. Act first-then you pray.” She changed my perspective and brought me to a new dimension of thinking. Not just about the accident, but about all of life. Not until later in life, did I truly put her words into play.

Starting LHP, was really my first taste of determination. I understand now that persistence means I have to keep moving forward no matter what types of ghouls and monsters hide around the corners.  How does one cultivate the fortitude, endurance and inspiration for determination? First off, you know what’s driving you. If you don’t have a clear outcome that you’re after, you will notice your determination wearing after a few weeks, a few months and, for some, maybe after a few years. Reaching your goals is an infinite process. The most effective way to stay determined is to break up your time and your goals. Taking a few notes each morning on key players you need to connect with, important tasks you need to complete and checking in with some quick places of inspiration like books, blogs and photos will help you to make headway towards your dreams and prevent you from “wearing out.” I can tell you right now, that the path towards getting what you want is NEVER, EVER easy. That’s not the way the universe set things up. The universe gives you a desire, because it knows it is your teacher, it is here to serve your evolution. This desire is your goal. Your goal then needs momentum, which will come from passion, inspiration and never ever focusing on the things that “don’t work”. Because a hell of a lot of things are NOT going to work! Your purpose is to forge forward, everyday, like the tortoise who wins the race against the hare. You will get frustrated with yourself. You will get impatient. You will feel disappointment and frustrated. THAT’S NORMAL. Those feelings should not invalidate you or your desire. The blocks you encounter are there to teach you, to strengthen you and to test your power (which I can tell you is the power of the universe, and you will be unstoppable when you recognize that!)

So, keep making goals for yourself. No matter what they are and take steps every single day, no matter how scared you are or how small they are, towards the direction of your dreams. You cannot and you will not fail if you continue to maintain a steady determination, that does not falter under pressure, under resistance and under fear. Persistence will get you what you want.

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