gossipWhen we directly or indirectly participate in negative talk about others or gossip, we are not a match to divine love. Our choice to listen to, indulge, participate in, spread or instigate gossip or negative talk of any kind directed towards others causes an absolute breakdown of our electromagnetic field and our soul energy. It is absolutely the most destructive energy in the face of the divine. For sensitive humans it will completely deplete your energy and resources, cloud your conscious thinking and embed deeply into your subconscious, later resurfacing to force you to resolve the pain body.Most importantly it will hurt your heart, because in the heart space and resistance to others is resistance to our soul.

The pain body is the ego. It is the part of ourselves that is not in union with the divine. This part of ourselves which feels separate will attach to low vibrational frequencies like gossip to feel safe, justified and powerful, because it is not in union with source energy, so it does not already feel any of those things and it is completely separate from the creator. Gossip and negative talk about others IN ANY FORM will create an unstable and weakly charged magnetic field which cannot attract new opportunities into your life, assist your journey with healing, bring you into the space of divine love and keep your body vibrant and healthy. This energy, gossip and negativity towards others, is one of the closest energies to the very destructive monster that is anger.

When someone has committed a wrongdoing against us, we, as aware beings, behold the responsibility to love that person for being on their own journey, to respect them for teaching us nonresistance and strength and to keep an open heart to their suffering, as they represent the suffering for all of humanity. To participate or be in the presence of negativity or gossip creates an amazing opportunity for you to practice awareness, compassion and free will. I encourage all of those who have recently experienced gossip or negativity to release that energy immediately and to unify with source consciousness through forgiveness, acceptance and walking away from and releasing, or rather allowing that energy to move right through you.

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