humanityHumans are conditioned out of this moment, out of the truth of what is. What is doesn’t change because of this conditioning. What is, is still, unmoving, empty.

Mostly everything that humans do, they do it to avoid facing this moment just as it is: simple, ordinary. It has to be sensationalized to be validated as life. It has to be exciting and positive. They don’t want the discomfort that’s appearing. They do everything in their power to avoid or run away from what’s happening. To run away from the stories, to run away from themselves. This energy consumes everything it can to complete the despondence that appears, not realizing that the discontent is a result of the non-recognition of the emptiness, the true nature of all forms, including its very self.

Every story that’s playing itself out right now is there, because it doesn’t want to face it’s own non-existence. It’s own dream. It will go to the movies and mentally get off on imagining it can get to somewhere better, richer, more beautiful, more peaceful, more fulfilling. It can’t. It never will. The homecoming is in the anger, in the pain, in the destruction, in the poverty, in the disease, in the imbalance and disconnects, in the boredom. The spiritual community is the biggest lie, propagating the saddest illusion: that there’s somewhere better than this. There isn’t – there’s just this. THIS. THIS. THIS. This moment. The light, the thoughts, the feelings, the sounds, the sensations are happening simultaneously to themselves and by themselves. Awareness is what is reading these words. Awareness chose to turn the computer on and awareness chose to see this message. Consciousness. Awakeness.

You can’t pray yourself into a better reality. If there is pain, suffering, sadness, the energy resisting it is the reason you are suffering. If you believe you can take your sadness away, you’re misunderstanding the intimacy, the beauty and the freedom of what is being written about. You might experience more pleasure from affirmative thinking, prayer and physical comforts like yoga, health food and sex. You might achieve satisfaction by making a majestic career, gaining a following of admirers, becoming loved and desired by millions of people. And life should have as many multi dimensional experiences of itself as it can. None of this is wrong. It’s fascinating that it’s even happening at all, but the character having this experience is a dream. It is not who you are: a male or female by the name of Kate or John who lives in the United States and works as a post master or writer and hangs out with these cool types of people and has 87 years to live: It’s all complete and total bull shit. It’s the biggest illusion.

You do not exist. Who are you?

Are you thoughts, memories or sensations? Or are you happening in thoughts, memories and sensations? Are you happening everywhere? The point I am making is that looking, hearing and tasting, repulsion and desire, sunlight and rain drops, the conversation or the lights flickering in the hallway is not happening to you, or even in you. You are happening in them. Because you are everything and everything is you.

This isn’t intellectual. This shouldn’t and can’t make sense. This is the most absurd, ridiculous reality, it’s so self-evident and because of that is why it remains so well hidden. To hear this message, to wake up to what is being pointed to is ecstatic. Once this is heard, you cannot leave this. This is IT!

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