Are you unfulfilled?

In your relationships?
Your finances?
Your housing situation?
Your career?
Your health?

…and is non-duality making things worse?

Struggling With Powerlessness & Non-Duality

The statement “I’m dissatisfied with my life” arises when the system refuses to take responsibility for its life, most likely because it has become disconnected from its own power, from what it is.

When the system becomes overly reliant on external forces to meet its needs, or it intentionally disconnects from its own desires, wants, and needs for the sake of psychological security or survival it gets stuck in a cyclic combination of dissatisfaction, anger, grief, depression or hopelessness.

These feelings further validate, feed and propagate the very system of powerlessness that is causing the dissatisfaction.

If this is the case for you, in addition to doing some self-reflection through journaling, or perhaps working with a therapist, I will give you an easy antidote to powerlessness, that you may implement right away, in just a moment at the end of this post.

Firstly, let us look at the powerlessness itself.

In non dual language, we can say that “you” are not the doer. “You” are powerless. “You” don’t exist.

When this is heard be the sense of a separate “me” that already is prone to a sense of powerlessness as described above, this can cause great dysfunction, as it becomes another tool to avoid taking action and responsibility for one’s life.

When the heart of the non dual message is heard by the vast open space that one is, the effect is one of freedom not powerlessness. The true non dual message is not interested what-so-ever in the apparent world of form: Whether “you” makes it, whether “you” fulfills your dreams, whether “you” are on track with your life plan, whether “you” live your passions, whether “you” live your life purpose…etc

BEWARE: If these types of goals or desires are still the focal point of your energy, as opposed to the singular, authentic, devotional path of seeking God or Truth itself, a much better philosophy or approach would be that of the self-help industry to address one’s dilemma…not non dualism.

Non dualism is exclusively interested in who you are, and not what you do.

The only true, and direct path of non duality is the direct inquiry of your very nature, of your identity itself.

TRUTH: You Are Already Getting Exactly What You Desire Most!

Because the world of duality, or form, is bound by the apparent laws of cause and effect. The illusory “me” is always, continuously getting that which it desires most.

For example,

“You” are not receiving large amounts of money, because you desire free-time more than money.
“You” are not receiving excellent health, because you desire sugar and Netflix more than health.
“You” are not receiving a creative inspiration, because you desire to security and safety more than art.
“You” are not receiving a lover, because you desire your freedom more than a partnership.

The belief that one is powerless is completely null and void. It’s not true. You are simply already, getting that which is most meaningful, or important to you. The problem is not that “you” are powerless, but rather that the mind is using comparison to try and make you believe you want something else more. This then gives rise to the dilemma of powerlessness, unfulfillment, and other relevant personal stories that cause suffering.

From the non dual perspective, powerlessness is null and void because the idea of power and powerlessness is an illusion itself, because it is dualistic. It presupposes that there is someone “in there” who has choice or free will. “WHO” is there to choose? “WHO” are you? “WHERE” are you located?

What you “think” you are is already mystery. It is an unknowable, spontaneous force, out of which genetics, predispositions, preferences, personality, and patterns, as well as the body and its corresponding thoughts are arising. Any action that is or could ever be taken, arises on behalf of this mystery, of awareness itself.

One could not act without the faculty of awareness. Yet, you could not be “aware” of awareness, for awareness is already the null set or the void from which that which is being observed, like a desire or preference, is arising. They are one and the same.

Can “I” Shift From What I Don’t Want, To What I Want?

The sense of dissatisfaction is really only a lack of honesty within oneself.

Energy is always going exactly where it is being directed to go in terms of focus and dedication.

Moreover, the focus and dedication of your energy is completely dependent on awareness.

In other words, awareness, is the extent of how reality can express itself.

When the desire for snacking and Netflix begins to fade away (as it inevitably will, as everything in time-bound reality shifts, changes, and dies) then awareness can birth the next strong desire.

These desires may come from societal programming, or personal predispositions, but they ultimately are always arising from the fresh, everlasting, newness of right here.

It is right here, or THIS, that determines the next expression of life or reality.

If one desires a change in one’s reality, one must allow it to be created from right here. Right where they are.

And this leads us full circle to coming into contact with the only true sovereignty that could ever exist, which is this mysterious, awake, presence that’s right here. This aware, conscious, vast Being, which is your true nature…who you are.

I recommend you click over and read my post “Can Affirmations Change My Life?” Where we explore the non dual perspective on whether the separate self can manifest one’s reality using the law of attraction.

6 Steps To Changing Your Life from Unfulfillment to Freedom

In conclusion, if you are deeply dissatisfied with your life, yet desperately feeling the urge to shift into something more authentic and free, my recommendations are as follows:

1. Stop Spiritual Bypassing

Recognize whether you are using philosophical or non dual concepts to cover up your dissatisfaction.

2. Get Real

Be honest with yourself about whether you’re actually already getting that which you desire most. You probably are!

3. Recognize Sovereignty

Acknowledge the mysterious, boundless essence of your being, which beholds the capacity of infinite possibilities, and eternal freedom.

4. Clean Up

Now for the antidote to powerlessness that I promised. One of my favorite psychologists, best selling author, university lecturer, and world-renown speaker Jordan Peterson gives this #1 piece of advice to his patients with depression, whose lives seem like an unfulfilled mess: Clean Up! If you’re feeling stuck and powerless, the best thing you can do, is do something! Wash the dishes, organize your closet, clean your bathroom, mop the floors, open your windows, take the trash out, do the laundry etc. There is something that instantly helps the brain feel more in control when your space is organized, tidy, and put together.

5. Tie Up Loose Ends

Another personal tip I’ll give you is to tie up loose ends. If there’s something you’ve been putting off like back taxes, a car repair, a teeth appointment, a phone call to a relative, do it! This can instantly put you in the drivers seat, and increase your confidence and self-worth.

6. Stay True To Who You Are

As your Being, who you are, is recognized at deeper and deeper levels, it begins to adjust and function through, and as awareness itself.. Happiness, fulfillment and true desire was only ever to be true to yourself. Everything else has always been a dream of the mind.

Much Love,

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