The greatest and most magnificent structures are conceived from an idea. An idea is a spontaneous assortment of energies, which inspiration and joyconsists of your past or present experiences, personal beliefs and of course, inspiration. It is unique and original to you. While your expression of this idea may or may not occur, because of its spontaneous nature it now exists somewhere in the universe as a “thought pattern.” Two things could have happened: you may have tapped in to an already existing thought form, or you released a thought form into your physical and therefore, universal electromagnetic realm. If you tapped into an existing thought-form, it means that somewhere in the world, there are others experiencing the same idea. If you released an inspired thought form, it is now part of the universal electromagnetic realm.

The degree to which you will transcend the mental and psychic origins of your idea into a physical dimension, depends on the level of inspiration you have processed and retained. Most everything that is of any value to you will be born of some sort if “idea”. How do you know if an idea is good for you or will have the highest possible outcome? Simple! You will feel it. The idea will feel very good to you. Thinking of it will give you peace. It won’t go away. If, however, you experience fear with the idea. Don’t immediately negate it. The fear might be emerging from deeply sated core-beliefs of not being good enough, or loved, or capable or whatever. If you do not face those beliefs, trace their origins and disprove them then you will not be able to carry out the full potential of your “idea”.

So, where does this inspiration come from? First, you must accept the idea as an energy. It will mold into whatever vibration or form you are mostly holding in your mental sphere. If your thoughts originate from a high vibrational space, you might be experiencing thoughts of service, improvement, strength, love and passion or joy. Say that you have an idea, and immediately you begin to negate it’s existence by resonating at a lower frequency, “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t know enough people”, “I don’t have the time.” Low vibrations are forms of resistance. They might be triggered by sickness, gossip, anger, negative self-focus, attachment or most likely, fear. To fear your own greatness is to deny allĀ  of life the very potential of being expressed through you. This propagates a negative thought pattern and eventually leads to undesirable experiences like physical illness or conflicts. Inspiration originates from a high vibrational mental space. This means that:

1) Your mind has been de-cluttered of thoughts that don’t serve you

2) You know what you’re doing

3) You know why you’re doing it

4) You possess the belief that you and only you are the creator of your reality

5) You take action

The last point is the most important. As long as we take a single step in the direction of our idea, the universe will get the message that you’re serious. Anything that you’re “serious” (or committed, passionate, joyful) about has a much quicker rate of manifestation and much more potential. Because universal intelligence is such a high-vibrational dimension, it immediately resonates with powerful thoughts that are affirming, nurturing and focused on evolution. Such thoughts are the very nature of the universe and immediately help you to align with a power greater than yourself, giving you all the strength and inspiration you need to move in the direction of your dreams.

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