independance dayAs I gather my thoughts, energy and prepare for the new changes entering my life, I am struck with the comfort of Independence day. We always welcome the emancipation of a long-waited new state with a celebration. We thrive in the ecstasy of a new life, knowing that the old can be left behind so that we can embrace the unknown-the place of all possibilities and growth. We become free from the enslavement of old thinking; we are liberated from routine and familiarity, we fly from our nests to explore the open world. This work can also be done internally, but I guarantee you that once a grand shift is made within the outer reality will have to shift and flux to match up to new consciousness.

The work at hand, the preparation, cultivation, patience, all the key secrets in the mind of a gardener preparing the soil and seeds, elevate us to a place of potential. As we expand our thinking to understand the goodness of life, to come into alignment with our deep and true purpose, to heal and forgive our selves for who we think we are or are not is to transcend the boundaries of an old life. Our purpose is not a line of work. To align with our destiny is not to become someone’s savior or move into the world to try and rescue people from suffering, to come into alignment with your purpose is to align fully with who you are in your most authentic, bare and unique state. It is this alignment, this embracing the true you, that allows you to live your purpose and gives you the freedom to go after the reality that you desire.

You must believe in what’s possible. You must believe in your nature, in how you feel. What you feel good about is who you are. If something doesn’t feel good-staying, leaving, taking, giving-DON’T DO IT! Your action is determined by the totality and the authenticity of your intention. It is your intention that will ever matter and encompass fully who you are, regardless of any outcome from your actions. Your intention is your liberation. Your intention is what you’ve been waiting for, this is who you are at your truest.

In honor of Independence day I welcome you into the light. Into the celebration of your freedom. Your freedom which is your authenticity. A celebration of your courage, to live your dreams, to keep moving forward even though you can’t see ahead of you. Don’t worry about the blindness-the light is within you. The world out here will never show you what your heart-what your desires will. You are guided by your inner trust. By trusting who you are at your barest-without all the people, places, things, activities that make you-you. Your inner trust is the trust you carry for the justice of the love that is living within you. There is nothing you should be waiting for. The very thing you are waiting to come and free you, is YOU-not another person, not another home, not another job, not another city.

But once you are free-truly, truly free-prepare for the ride of your life 😉

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