Everything you’re attracted to is already in you.

Everything you are repulsed by is already in you.

All things elicit feelings.

Those feelings are appearances in you.

Rising and falling.

Impulsiveness, fascination, appreciation, determination, rebellion, delight, intrigue, abomination, diminishment, terror, agony, heartbreak, torment and sorrow are in you.

These feelings were never yours. They never belonged to you. They exist, not because of you. You did not create them. They are just happening. The same goes for thoughts. Both are just a functioning. It is not who you are.

They appear in perfect freedom, they are happening unbound. They are no different from the sunlight appearing, or the hummingbirds drinking flowers. Appearing and disappearing in perfect stillness.

This is total innocence. This is a love beyond love. The depth of life knowing itself like this is complete infinity.

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