Egyptian GoddessI am standing in the deserts of Cairo. The weather is forcefully hot and there are many dry shrubs beneath my feet. There is heat emanating from the earth. I look before me, and I am standing in front of the 3 pyramids of Giza. I walk into the first pyramid. It is cool inside. There are slaves working. They are pulling along carts of crystal and building shrines, floors and embedding the powerful stones into the pyramid sediments. I walk forward and descend down an incredibly steep staircase. The temperature begins to drop. I continue walking deep into the earth until I reach a dock. There is a stream of water underground and there is a boat waiting for me. One of the Egyptian servants beckons me to get in and I do. I settle into the boat and the servant rows the boat down a dark, murky and moldy tunnel. The sound of water dripping down the cave walls echoes in the corridor. Soon, the pathway flows out into broad daylight and the boat stops at the shore of the Nile. There is a palace in the near distance. There is a light cool breeze. There are many palms and other plants nestled around the river bed. I get out of the boat and sit on the shore waiting for Isis.

Isis is the Egyptian godless of nature and magic. She is most known for being the mother of Horus and the wife of Osiris. She was worshiped throughout Egypt and Rome, and was also a favorite deity of Cleopatra’s. Cleopatra herself said she was the servant of Isis. Isis is known as a force to be reckoned with. She is the divine feminine. I am sitting on the shore of the Nile and I am watching her bathe. Her brown skin shimmers in the sun. Her movements are languid and she worships her body. When she is finished her servants prepare her white and turquoise garments and her royal headpiece which contains a golden cobra in its center. She acknowledges me and beckons me to follow her. She leads me into the palace and we walk on marble floors up to a terrace balcony. We sit at a table overlooking the Nile. Her servants then bring a dark tea. It is very spicy, black. I detect licorice, cardamon and honey. It is an herbal blend.

She has information to relay to me. She does not speak, but transmits thought frequencies to the degree that I am able to open my heart to receive them. Many times her information comes through in cryptic images as she does the best she can with the frequency that I’m able to attune to.

“Most of the humans in your reality are still deeply attached to the third dimension. For you to look out into your world is to see yourself. Each and every single person and experience is a reflection of your inner world, your pains, your wrong doings, your passion, your insecurities, your attachments, your grace and your love and all things. This is still greatly misunderstood. Everything that you’re looking at is you. To see yourself just look at the structures in your life: the job, the relationships, the environment. They are a reflection of the thoughts that hold the structure in place. In order for you to ascend, these structures must be completely let go of in your mind. You must not continue holding a mental image of any structure.”The job is this.” “The relationship is that” “The environment is this.” These structures continue to uphold the frequency of separation, which distances the human in your reality from accessing divine union. Your IDEAS of what your relationship, your job or your situation “IS”, is the prison. It is the structure that you have built around it with your thoughts, the shape that you have given your experience that keeps you bound. Liberation or union with the divine desire is achieved through the release of ideas and structures. It is achieved through emptiness, desirelessness, letting go. Then you will be a beacon of light, struck fully by the Divine like a thunderbolt. The emptiness is the carrier of the light.”

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