In honor of the upcoming Spring Equinox and Easter, I thought that I would present an interesting concept. I pose the question: Are peopleeggs like eggs?

I think life is so beautiful! We start off as a little embryo, full of energy and through time mature in the womb, to be birthed into an unbelievable creation. In our new reality, we leave the comfort, warmth and security of our caretaker, the mother and obliterate our 5 senses with the experience of life. Life as we know it has always existed. Life has taken many shapes and forms throughout evolution, as consciousness continued to propagate expansion. Does this mean that consciousness too has always existed? Consciousness is intention. The universe is an intention. Both consciousness and the universe, knows how to fulfill its own existence.

And let’s examine a little egg. An egg contains a fully undeveloped creature (assuming it is fertilized). This energy embedded in the eggshell needs love, nurture and time. Assume that you are this little egg. You might even assume that an idea or desire is this little egg. Here you are contained in this shell-with no clue what is beyond the round tube you live in. There are so many little eggs, just like you. You are not alone. As you dwell in this little container, you might be feeling restless. All the sounds, feelings, movements and connections beyond you seem tantalizing to a little life waiting for its time. But you are an egg, which means you are undeveloped. Your consciousness is undeveloped. The container you live in is also a blessing and a curse. It is here for you to help you reach your full maturity, your full potential. It will keep you safe, but isolated from the rest of the world, until you have become a fully developed chick. You are still a little weak. But when your time comes you will be strong. So strong, in fact, that you will be able to break out of this home, your shell. You will be free one day! When your inner will, your restlessness becomes so strong that you won’t be able to contain it any longer, little by little, you will begin to poke out of and make cracks in your shell. Before you know it, you will have matured into a little chick that’s ready to live its life. What was once a container that you were stuck in, begins to weaken its hold on you. Your intent for birth will be much greater than any container! And the shell that was once so strong will be a little crumble at your feet.

Maybe our life is an egg. Maybe we keep laying eggs throughout our life. Each time we give rise to a new desire, and a new intention-we lay another little egg. Our consciousness then nurtures this “life” and we can either keep the little egg warm and happy, or we can let go of the egg and eventually, someone else will eat it as an omelet 🙂 In time though, if we lay on this little egg and nurture it with patience, the shell, the container will begin to crack and your tiny chick will be hatched. Remember though, it will still be a chick and it will need to be nurtured until it can take care of itself.

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