Non-duality, not two. One.

What does this mean?

What does this TRULY mean?

If I am not separate from you, or from anything, how does that affect me? How does that affect you?

The deeper and deeper this timeless Truth unveils itself, and the less and less that we hold on to, the more sensitive we become.

So sensitive, in fact, does awareness become once reality or Truth has registered it’s identity in the body, that it begins to release deeply suppressed sates, emotions, and thoughts. This can be very extreme in some cases and very light in others, depending on the unique makeup of the body.

What’s most fascinating is the full-stop realization that each thought, each action, each feeling affects the whole.

This is a total “holy fuck!” moment. The most beautiful, liberating showcase of Truth.

This process in this particular body has resulted in a lot of crying. Sometimes just during a very simple moment like watching a dog food commercial and other times simply by watching someone cross the street. There is a significant desire to spend time with nature, children, and animals, and also drastic physical changes, there is also a lot of laughter at VERY silly and stupid things.

But what’s most striking is that life is just as awake here as it is everywhere. Everything that is looked at is just as awake as this body. Everything is listening to itself. Receiving itself. Good and bad. Life is felt so deeply, at such an extreme level that the collective pain and pleasure penetrates every human cell. Anything and everything that one human does, they are doing to the collective.

What is seen in waking up is that any thought not in alignment with this truth that has been recognized hits the whole. In one sense there’s a greater responsibility towards the truth, but in another, it’s also seen as utterly meaningless. Ultimately, what’s being said in these words is that the entire world we live in is one sentient energy picking up and collecting feelings, thoughts, emotions, states of being. It cries it laughs, it looks for respite, it looks for shelter.

This is so stunning! So beautiful. I always imagine reality or this grandiose, unfathomable truth or enlightenment that so many are seeking as a pure, innocent little kitten, with unguarded and loving kitten eyes. It’s so harmless, so free. It seems like it’s raping, lying and murdering. It appears as though it’s imprisoning innocent people, drowning bodies and giving out diseases and distributing resources unevenly, creating poverty. But, my goodness, it’s doing this and collapsing the moment it appears in total grace and love.

I don’t know how to talk about this or write about it so I don’t post as often. But when it moves, I, too, move and sing…


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