chakrasI think many people have had confusion about what the Kundalini rising is. Many of my students ask me what it is, is it dangerous, how do you know if it has risen etc. Our primary dialogue occurs over Kundalini Yoga.

I took my first Kundalini Yoga class in 2007. Shortly after I became paralyzed for a few days, laying bedridden, unable to drive or help myself to the bathroom. My roommate helped me to lift things and get out of bed. The paralysis from the extreme back pain happened under very odd circumstances and I was not equipped with the knowledge of the yoga as I am now to understand what had happened. Anytime a powerful surge of genetic light energy activates in the human body (especially before an awakening, where the physical density is too high to process the higher frequencies of light energy) a physical imbalance will occur, as the body attempts to drive itself up into the newer, less dense light energy. The pain shortly passed, and I continued to pick up a weekly practice until about 3 years into it, where I was only practicing once a month. My yoga teachers were interesting. They were extremely mysterious, quiet, never said too much and always caressed a very light secret smile on their lips. It was as though they had a special underground knowledge of something spectacular, that I was just barely scratching the surface of or getting a taste of.

After multiple transcendental experiences, as though I had been possessed, I sat in my childhood home in Warsaw, Poland practicing yoga. My balcony windows were open to bird songs, fresh forest smells and the warmth of the earth, which danced around me as I sat with my eyes closed breathing deep into my soul. I knew at that moment that the secrets of the yoga awaited me. Almost two years later, as I write this blog, I have had a consistent daily yoga practice. With this dedication and great honor of being a teacher, I learned more about myself than I could ever had expected. As a little girl, I spoke to higher powers, never falling asleep without this connection. Today, every breath I take is this connection for me. My self awareness, especially the awareness of my emotional guidance system and that ‘gut feeling’ displays before me a mastery over the physical reality. As I learned to become more and more aware of my feelings I delved deeper and deeper into the secrets of the universe becoming more aware of how my feelings destroyed my desires, created my intentions, established my relationships with people, places and things and continually renewed me as I began to cultivate deeper and deeper level of love and light into my subconscious. My subconscious was full of a sense of isolation from my immigration to the United States, a concept of insufficiency developed by my relationship to my parents, and in and of itself it was intrinsically heavy, getting lightened through my creative and artistic views, which continued to be my gateway of experiencing my emotions on an awareness based guidance system. My life, as I know it has been transformed. I have developed an ultra sensitivity to sounds, people, places which penetrates me deeply on the emotional level. With this sensitivity came a deep longing to unify all things with love and oneness. What I had to experience, was that all things are already in union, in their perfect order, evolving into the oneness of love and that I only had one simple task: to remain aware. This paragraph, cannot even begin to describe my experience with Kundalini yoga, it is just my attestation to the potential and the possibility of the human awareness.

Kundalini yoga IS NOT THE PRIMARY OR THE ONLY WAY our consciousness can elevate into the higher, less dense light realms. Many of us who begin to make a transition into a higher consciousness, expand at such an exponential level that when our “Kundalini” rises, or this awareness expands we may experience an infinite array of effects based on our original density level or the capacity of your evolutionary rate (which depends on the soul or self). This energetic and physiological phenomenon is occurring rapidly throughout the Aquarian age, regardless if one is practicing yoga or not. As the Kundalini rises, in addition to physical imbalances, we will enter into what some may call “a dark night of the soul”. In this phase we are forced to confront evolution and address all subconscious patterns and deeply embedded painful experiences or perspectives. Anything which has been undesirable, scary, painful or unfinished in your life will arise. Before we can feel stronger, more empowered, more beautiful, connected and so forth, we will experience a period of extreme confusion or loss. At this point it is recommended to have a “guru” or teacher, someone who can give you a practice or help you to achieve the awareness of an enlightened soul (this guidance can also be established through awareness). This period can last years as we swing back and forth between the densities of the third dimension and the transition into the higher realms of the heart space and the third eye.

During this transition, many of us will reach out for new diets (to accommodate the new light body that is being birthed), release old relationships that are no longer an aspect of our current self, change jobs, start new projects, move locations or act upon an infinite array of deeply embedded desires. Because the sensitivity may still not be fully developed as we experience a movement into new territories and a complete pulverization of existing structures, many will be feeling lost or helpless against the powerful current that has moved into our reality. If the energy is not immediately transferred into it’s higher realms of love and light and the essential oneness with all of life, the ego will feed off of this transition and cause a breakdown of many powerful bonds in your life, primarily relationship based. Once the energy is mastered and this sense of oneness is achieved, the human has created within himself a completely new energetic make-up through the use of his consciousness. It is in this mental state that he is no longer driven by fear, but fearless, as his new “powers” have been mastered. He can now have full and complete trust in himself and the universe experiencing a greater sense of freedom, love and oneness with all of life.


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  1. Mahajaya says:

    Hi Kasia!

    This was a wonderful blog post about Kundalini Yoga. I actually came across your blog because I was looking for a image to go with my thumbnail on Youtube for my video on why it’s important to awaken your Kundalini Shakti because there are 2 types of Enlightenment. Actually here is the link you can check it out if you so want to.

    Actually I wanted to let you know that there is Kundalini awakening without any yoga or anything like that. Kundalini awakening and Third Eye awakening can happen through initiation of a Guru. My guru is Paramahamsa Nithyananda or Swamiji as we lovingly call him, Swamiji is an Avatar of Shiva and he does a program called Inner Awakening where he not only awakens your Kundalini Shakti and Third Eye, but he also gives full brain activation as well as DNA activation. Also he heals you of any physical or emotional healing that you need. When Swamiji initiates you into Third Eye, you start expressing powers like Reading through a blindfold with your third eye, body scanning, remote viewing, materializing objects through your body. Pretty soon in a year or two, people will be able to travel to different dimensions, and Swamiji even said that we will be able to walk on water, just like Jesus, and even fly!! These powers are being expressed because they come from the space of Enlightenment and Swamiji’s mission is to give everyone Enlightenment, whether it be in the body or when they die. I know that this is a lot of information, but I wanted to give you two links. The first link is of Swamiji’s Youtube channel and the second is how I first came across Swamiji, it’s of a young girl demonstrating one of the powers of third eye, which is seeing through any object, in this case her blindfold.

    Hope you enjoy! And I would also LOVE to hear back from you.



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