mona_lisaWhat does one of the most famous paintings tell us? I believe it is one of the best kept secrets of all time. Leonardo de Vinci’s Mona Lisa, holds one of the greatest truths of today’s time. It is only after becoming deeply aware of my own relationship with women, that I discovered this incredibly potent message that I am about to share. I should hope that anyone reading this blog post, could come close to scratching the surface of this revelation, for that is all we need to make the shift from darkness to light on this planet. For my whole life, up until yesterday, I’ve referred to God as “HE”. I continually prayed to a power that deep in my heart continued to feed my soul with a love like nothing I have ever known in the physical reality. This love continued to teach me great things like kindness, compassion, forgiveness, service and of course, love. I could feel “HIS” presence and as much as possible in my strength, tried to act on it all.

After coming to a great understanding about the “feminine archetype” in my life, I began to detect that something was very wrong. Many women were so pessimistic about men, their relationships with their father’s going awry, they continued to display jealous behaviors, aggressive attitudes, competition and authority in the workplace. More and more women were looking to gain equilibrium (or so they think) with the pre-dominant masculine force on this planet-which from biblical stories is displayed as destruction, assertion, killing, war. Women at some point through time began to embody this predominantly male energy into their deeply sensitive and feminine psyche’s. The conceptualization of “power” began to take on a very male quality. It meant being able to dominate others, establish a following of admirers, have your own glory, reach greatness like no man ever has etc. Men began to take over these “power roles” in families and relationships, and propagated the concept that “God is male” all the same while the Christian bible told us that “God is only good.” All this time, society became more and more distanced from the absolute logic that woman was the life bearer. The giver of life. As women slowly lost their identity as ‘logos’, intuition and life-giver, the male continued to place woman in positions of inequality, objectification and insufficiency-making the ‘woman’ a “weaker” element of the human race. Eventually, our relationships as women with our fathers and mothers began to display a sort of tension. We began to intuitively detect that woman-home maker and man bread-winner was weird. We fought for equality and began to assert our identities through competition, struggle or often times rejecting and negating our femininity, either by not displaying feminine qualities like love and forgiveness or by covering up our bodies and becoming ashamed to be women.

Women then began to turn on one another, because there was so much pent up anger derived from their suppression and struggle that they began to see themselves in all their relationships with other women-becoming angry, rejecting other women and exploiting their sisterhood. The source of this deep wound is now manifesting in horrible ways. Women judge other women for not being good mothers, they expect trust, but instead gossip and tell lies to hurt others, they speak hurtfully about other women to other women and to themselves. They have developed a great wound in the “divine feminine” archetype because of the countless years of male authority and aggression that began to trickle into every aspect of life. This weakening of the female spirit, because of this competitive drive that men have cultivated, can now be attributed to why we have such horrific violence in the world, why depression is so prevalent, why poverty is more wide spread than it has ever been before. The abuse of power by “man” has caused greed, corruption and a total disassociation from our true source-the life-giver, the woman. The qualities like forgiveness and love take much more strength than violence and competition and proving something to others. To forgive one must love themselves so deeply that they contain a love so great outside of themselves that it may pour out into the world, into their life like a crashing wave. It requires trust, compassion, acceptance. These “feminine” qualities, seen as weaker or softer, are the strongest most endurable aspects of the human race. God is not a destroyer to be feared. God is not a “He”. God is a woman. This is why one of the most famous mystics pained the “Mona Lisa”-an androgynous symbol of cynicism. We have spent so many centuries living a lie. Most people reading this will continue to pray to “HIM”, but I assure you this is an error.

There is so much imbalance in the world with the masculine and feminine energies right now. What I’ve realized is that the veil is not getting thinner. It doesn’t even exist. Once you become self aware and begin to deeply understand your relationship to men (women and men!), you will realize what has happened on this planet. The only way for us to move into a vibration of love is to righteously, do justice to who God really is and see the truth. Again: GOD IS A WOMAN. Mothers, grandmothers, wives and girlfriends, sisters, friends must understand this first and foremost to teach our husbands, sons, lovers, brothers how to love. Not by controlling men, by hating them, by fighting or competing, but by teaching them values of service, kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

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