harmonyAll things appear to be changing. But that which is, is changeless. Forms arise out of nothingness, and express themselves in any way imaginable. But they are completely still. Within this arises a person energy, an illusion of a separate self. This self is interested in survival. This self lives in story land: “I belong to this nation, I live in this house, I love this person, This person upsets me, Why did I do that? I’m hungry etc.” The story never ends, but it is also a formation in all that is. The expression of the story, and the existence of a you – is no different from the existence of a bug, or the movement of the clouds, the flow of water, the shining stars, the tea that I’m drinking or anything else that appears. The person energy will want to argue this message, and say “I am special. I exist. I can feel and think and create.” It never acknowledges its true self, that which is all of life.

The person energy strives to exist and assert itself at all times. But the separate self will never, ever find the peace that is its true nature. It cannot do so because it will always try to be something and get somewhere in time: “These are my goals, these are my past achievements, this is my plan. When I get here, I will have made it.” That which is, never moves. This message has nothing to do with anything. All it is doing is pointing to life existing, for nothing and for no one. But the person wants to understand it, figure it out, get there. This has absolutely nothing to do with the present moment. This is about what is. And what is, is always changing – moving in and moving out. The person looses everything, gains everything and this cycle lives in time. That which is being written about right now is timeless. It is just what is.

This message may appear to be of use to the person energy that thinks it exists. It might soothe the person energy or it might actually scare the shit out of the person energy. But that which is has nothing to do with whether the person hears this message or not. In fact, the person can never, ever hear this message, because this message is not about the person, because the person doesn’t exist. The person is just appearing within this message, which is appearing within all of life, which is completely free and empty. “Of course I exist. Here is my body and I am choosing to read this message and I will be hungry after I read it, or need to use the toilet, or call my friend later to discuss it etc, etc.” Who is really doing the choosing? Who is having the thoughts that they exist? The choosing appears in space, just as thoughts appear in space, just as the thought of a you appears in space.

Love, fear, pleasure, pain, even peace appears to be felt within the body. But this body isn’t a “you” choosing or experiencing love, fear, pleasure or pain. These sensations are being felt in boundlessness as boundlessness. The body is just a formation, made out of boundlessness. Sensations are arising from this void, and the person energy cages them and believes that they belong to their body, but they are just arising within the body out of nothingness. Nothingness chooses everything, and allows everything to appear within in. There is no meaning in this message. It is not a theory or a philosophy. This message is about what is happening. The looking, the seeing, the physical sensations of comfort or discomfort, the hearing, the speaking, the thinking, the analyzing, the conversation, the eating, the sex, the rain falling, the sun shining, the screaming, the coming, the going, the door closing, the birds singing.

This message is not meant to be understood or figured out. It intends to point to what is, which is love, making love to itself. Life existing in utter intimacy with itself. Life waking up to itself happening.

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