The sense of a seperate self exists in the chakric system. The more aware a body is of it’s physicality the clearer it can sense this separateness.


Social Conditioning

Each body’s sense of self is conditioned. This conditioning is most often not in alignment with how the body truly feels. For example: the body, societally, is told it must do certain things, whether that’s school, work or any other behavior or functioning. Through time, the body begins to naturalize that which is conditioned and inauthentic. The conditioning becomes an energetic mismatch to the body’s wisdom, the body’s desires, the body’s innate inner knowing of it’s own inner truth, its own nature.

The resulting sense of discomfort is energetically “trapped” within the chakric system. Each chakra is responsible for the authenticity of the body, for the body’s expression of its’ true nature.

The self is an illusion – it is an energetic sensation, an experience that life is having of itself. It is not seperate from life. It is life itself. As this sense of self claims and begins to identify with life, it develops this sense of an “I”. Through an “I” life is no longer experienced as an innocent beingness, a free and spontaneous aliveness. This “I” is now a seperate self that has to do many things, figure life out and achieve wholeness once again. Ultimately, since this “self” doesn’t really exist and is in fact a total illusion – it will never get there. It will never make it back to the wholeness or love that it already is, was and forever will be.

This conditioning could be seen as a blockage to self-realization. But once the body accepts it’s inner knowingness, it’s true nature, once aliveness wakes up in the body, it is seen that there could never be such a thing as a separateness.

None-the-less, the purpose of this post is to explain how the seperate self functions, in hopes of spotlighting it, not as a blockage, but rather as an appearance arising in the love that is everything.

What About My Body?

The awareness in the body is life. Everything that is being experienced seemingly through a localized consciousness, the awareness, the aliveness, the sense of separateness is utterly and fully complete. The body knows this and so it looks for it’s own completion as long as it is identified as a separateness. Because of this knowing, seeking is inevitable. This can be spiritual seeking or a seeking to fix thoughts, feelings and sensations of separateness.

The body, because of it’s wholeness, senses Truth. Awareness of the body’s sensations is a direct awareness of God or aliveness. This is apparent in meditation, yoga or any mindfulness practice. Once the person is awake, this sensation is all there is. It is not local any longer, it is like an explosion from inside of the body to everywhere. The sense of a seperate self is gone. Through time, conditioning may or may not fall away, but this has nothing to do with what is, was and always will be here – which is awareness, pure love.

The Chakras

A sensation will arise out of nothingness, out of aliveness and arise as an experience in the body. As the sensation becomes the experience it will register in the sense of self.

The sensation will arise within the 7 chakric centers, which are:

chakras2Root Chakra: The root chakra is the energy center responsible for our humanness, for the physical world. This chakra spotlights any issues of physical security, safety, being provided for and feeling comfortable in the physical world. Emotional and physical sensations related to these earthly, physical issues can be experienced in this chakra. Any issues relating to the anus, or excretory organs are an imbalance in this chakra.

Sex Chakra: This is the chakra of ideas, creativity, urges. What is illuminated in the sex chakra is work, any creation cycle, art, urges and any and all desires such as desiring a person, wanting to write a poem, wanting to make a cake etc. Any blockages in this chakra usually correspond to a non-creative experience. If this chakra is not active, creation is also not active. Any issues related to ones sexuality or sexual organs can be found in these chakra blockages.

Navel Chakra: This chakra is associated with decision making, will, trust, self-doubt, fear etc. This chakra is ultimately responsible for taking action and making decisions that support the ideas and creativity of the sex chakra. When balanced, a person has a strong sense of what they want. Physical imbalances can be traced to any issues in the digestive system, intestinal system, kidney’s or liver.

Heart Chakra: The heart chakra is responsible for how connected we feel to life. Imbalances can immediately be detected in relationships and in self talk. Feelings of wanting to hide or withhold love, depression and a generally melancholic or depressive ambiance are a result of “shutting down” the love that is apparent in everything, in all of life. Imbalances in this chakra can be seen with any heart or lung issues.

Throat Chakra: This chakra can be felt by the tone of voice. The more “fake”, strained or imbalanced the tone is the more imbalanced the chakra. Other imbalances can be reflected in a lack of communication and articulacy, being at a “loss for words” or generally saying that which does’t feel true –  whether that’s lying or not speaking ones truth up front. Imbalances can arise as sensations such as having “a frog stuck in the throat” and arise when one is not living in alignment with one’s inner knowing or Truth. Physical imbalances are thyroid problems, throat issues, tooth, gums etc.

Third Eye Chakra: This is a chakra related to ones “buddhahood”. The more active the seperate self is the more closed off the awakeness is. Awakeness refers to awareness. The ability to perceive, sense and feel what is truly, at the heart of the matter, happening. Blockages in this chakra typically result in sinus and vision problems.

Crown Chakra: The crown chakra is responsible for inner-knowing. This is the chakra most often associated with self-realization and the dissolution of identification with the separation of the sense of an “I”. Sensations of the crown chakra are complete stillness and a love that feels like it is everywhere rather than localized in the physical body. Blockages in this chakra are compulsive spiritual seeking, brain disorders, obsessive thinking and negativity.

The degree to which the sense of a seperate self is felt is determined by the blockages in the chakras. One may go ahead and explore these balances and imbalances to discern how identified they actually are. However, the energy that decides to explode and dissolve this separation is not the energy that is seeking to do so. It is the all-knowing, the all-seeing, nothingness or love that reveals in timelessness the Truth. This cannot be found, this can only be experienced.

The Light Up Your Chakras class that I teach on this website is based on Kundalini Yoga. It may or may not have been responsible for my body’s recognition of Truth. While it was a part of one of many awakenings, within it is information that was responsible for my journey. This is neither here nor there. The course is aimed at illuminating what separation looks like, what it does and how it is causing suffering. Whether or not separateness dissolves is something no one knows and no one can do. The Truth either wakes up or it doesn’t, but a consistent energy practice can greatly aid and balance the seperate self.

To take the class click here or to request a Free podcast on the “Root Chakra” click here.

4 Replies to “Light Up Your Chakras”

  1. ltdcc1 ru says:

    If you wish additional assistance with the sound healing portion of your chakra tuning, you may play a chakra healing song, such as Stephen Halpern’s “Chakra Balancing” song on his “Music for Sound Healing” CD..

  2. says:

    A series of spiritual events have been attributed to this chakra, especially flashes of great light, falling into light or bliss, visions, profound stillness, and psychic revelations.

  3. smarthorizont says:

    I feel that I really gained useful insights and tools for teaching that I will use in the workshops I offer on similar subjects of meditation, the chakras and how to manifest your dreams.

  4. says:

    All this time, continue to relax your body and think of the chakra, it’s meaning, and how it does or should affect your life.


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