An ego deconstruction requires the seeing through beliefs that are out of alignment with reality.

Inadvertently, appearances will shift and phase out experientially as a result of this readjustment.

This is happening in story land. Yet, story land is still reality to the extent that it is seen through as a holographic projection from the one source, as the one source.

This simply means that denying or rejecting the causal world is out of alignment with what the one source, the one energy is really interested in; which is honesty.

How painful this can be! This process can result in physical ailments, depression, anxiety, confusion, disorientation, extreme poverty or loss. This is not the romantic aspect of awakening. Yet, it’s beautiful!

The beliefs that once held your reality in place have died along with the identity that has been woken up from.

The personal energy is no longer on solid ground. It once had thought to find comfort in, distractions, other peoples ideas and opinions. Now, all interest in this has shifted inward into the boundless, infinite, unknown space.

People can and will get stuck here if they’re still not willing to surrender and allow this fluctuating process to occur. In a sense, they are in no mans land. They no longer belong to their old world, the new world is not yet available and the world they live in now is no longer one they can trust. However, this is all mind activity. The energy has already put the process of ego deconstruction in place. There really is no turning back now. You can’t undo this process and you can’t “fall back asleep”.

The best advice that me and many non duality speakers will give you is to follow your body. If doing nothing feels good, do nothing. This process is imminent. It may appear to the ego structure as wasteful or a dead end, but in fact what is occurring is a deeper and more profound awakening.

When Jesus heard this, He said to him, “One thing you still lack; sell all that you possess and distribute it to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” But when he had heard these things, he became very sad, for he was extremely rich. And Jesus looked at him and said, “How hard it is for those who are wealthy to enter the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

This bible verse is beautiful. How can the personal energy which is so dense move back into a groundless, empty love where nothing can be had? Where everything is continually lost? Where there is no separation between the sound of the door closing or the birth of a child?

Life still happens and the experiences of excitement, grief, achievement still appear. The difference now is that they are happening to no one. They are appearing in space, for space and by space.

Listening to satsang and getting into non duality is a very attractive energetic shift for the bodies’ experiencing these seeming shifts. That wisdom from the mind no longer is effective and now the wisdom of the body must take over.

So, my advice to those experiencing ego deconstruction is follow your flow. Follow what the body wants. Listen to your body. Leave what needs to be left and go where you need to go. Whether it’s to sit on the couch or to walk around the neighbourhood. Listen, listen deeply as you are singing the heart’s deep song, a song as old as time, a song that has no beginning, middle or end. <3

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