The long, arduous and often dry path towards enlightenment, on the spiritual path, is temporary.

Although it may seem like it is a dead-end, and that what we know to be true seems dead or void, this is the call of love to stay alive. To stay hungry!

I don’t mean to keep endlessly seeking through the infinite world of form.

This is the end of the world of form, and the beginning of a profound exploration into that which can’t be touched or experienced with the 5 senses, although all that is indeed appearing within it – within you!

To stay hungry for the Truth means, to PAY ATTENTION.

Pay attention to the theatrics of the mind and the personal story, because it is dissolving away into love, from love as love.

This is a major shift in consciousness, just the realization that thought is an abstract formation appearing in the illusion of time is a vast leap towards the Truth in a single lifetime.

In fact, I assure you that consciousness is shifting and evolving.

Even though it may seem like things are fixed and constant. They are not. Even your terrible mood and your depression is on it’s way out. On its way towards more of the Truth.

Keep watching what’s happening, because this is a miracle. Your life, life as you, life right here is full of unfathomable love.

Who cares if it doesn’t “feel” like it. Who cares if your thoughts aren’t “positive” or “interesting”. What does that matter? You are not your feelings or your thoughts. Your feelings and your thoughts are appearing out of True, True love.

Do you know what human love feels like?

Divine love is even beyond the most powerful and profound human love!

And it isn’t reliant on worldly success, a lovable partner or the birthing of a child. It is what you are. This means it is unobstructed. It is free.

It is right here. Independent of the apparent movement of time.

With the simple dropping away, energetically, of that which is lost in the world of form, bit by bit, glimmer by glimmer it appears.

You’ve seen glimpses of it. Maybe for a moment, or for a day or even a few weeks or months.

But it never went away. It is everything. It is animating everything as heartbreak, cancer or loss. That’s it too.

It’s also beyond the world of appearances of what comes and goes. It is independent of existence itself.

It just is. The universe is within it. It is not the universe.

True love is here to totally crush you.

But it’s OK.

It’s OK if it crushes your identity, your hopes, your dreams and who you think you are. For the Truth is worth the burning away of a fictional world that appears in the illusion of time.

The Truth is the ultimate love affair.

Love’s only goal, life’s only goal, is to take you to the home that you are.

So arrive, without leaving.

Embrace, without excluding.

Move, without effort.

Just stay for one moment with yourself, one moment is enough to burn away into True love’s furnace of grace.

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