nothingWhen the sense of self shifts, it doesn’t change into something else. Self realization isn’t about leaving an old identity and becoming a new one; one that is more spiritual, more peaceful or more in love with life, less argumentative, healthier, richer. This is NOT it. Self realization is about total and complete loss.

In essence, waking up, you don’t get anything. Who would get something and what would you get? There isn’t a you that could get somewhere, there is just life happening. This loss can be very frightening. It is the loss of a you that thinks it exists, in exchange for all of life. There’s nothing here, appearing as everything.

Most people are too afraid of nothing. The idea that there is nothing, is the same idea to them as the idea of death. But this message is not so much about the traditional idea of death, of an ending of life, as it is about life happening, and appearing as everything which is love.

This isn’t about becoming a better person, living your life purpose, fulfilling your dreams, making it. This is about absolutely nothing. You existing in time, amidst forms is an illusion that feels like life’s really happening to you, but it’s happening as you. These words are absurd to the person that thinks it exists. This message may even be distasteful. However, it is a message about letting go, back into all of life.

This is about realizing that desire, emotions, thoughts, your actions, other people’s actions, pain, pleasure, the wind, the cup of tea, the music playing, the cat drinking, my lover reading his book on the floor, are just happening in nothingness as nothingness. They are just forms appearing in space and out of space, and that which is happening is happening by itself and to itself. And you are the space in which and out of which everything is happening.

Life was never against you. There never was a you. There never was anything you had to do, prove, justify. There was never anywhere you had to get to. There was never anything you could have gotten that would make you happier. In fact happiness doesn’t even exist. There is just life happening in perfect harmony, in perfect love.

This realization might bring the body or mind pleasure, which appears as a happiness. However, the actual realization is one of peace, if it had to be described. This peace is no different than freedom, it is absolute freedom and absolute love. This description might ignite the desire of a person to seek for the experience of realization, but this is NOT what’s being spoken about. This is about nothing. Doing nothing, being nothing, experiencing nothing.

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