The human spirit is a spirit of seeking. It will forever attempt to know the root and meaning of it’s existence. As we move lovethrough the various twists and turns of our investigation, we eventually arrive at the spiritual realization of love. The feeling of love is warm, liberating, unifying. And so, us seekers, continue to chase love like a drug wanting more of the divine, wanting more of the Kundalini rising, wanting more of the happiness and openness that the experience of an open heart gives us.

In this chase, we realize that love comes from the heart, we realize that it is an active principle, and rather, a living and breathing thing. We also realize that it is a practice. The point of today’s post is to clarify what it means to live a life practicing love. Surely, there are “active” qualities of love: kindness, compassion, forgiveness, joy etc. However, in our mistaken relationship to the love of the divine, we seem to claim that there are qualities that are not the “love” of our creator. There fore we create a mindset of separation and we say whatever is good is love, and whatever is bad is not love. We falsely believe that when we’re suffering, we’re not loving. We experience this suffering and immediately resort to heart opening meditations to get away from these bad feelings that we’re having, we may attempt to force ourselves to love people that have hurt us, and ignore any internal pain. We try to be love and chase love, as these are the “spiritual” things to do. We get lost in believing that if we’re not feeling the cosmic and beautiful feelings of love, we are not “awakened”, “evolved” or even acceptable.

The reality is that the heart, as well as the universe, does not live in duality, it lives in neutrality. It knows no difference between what is good and what is bad. It only knows how to respond within the framework of consciousness that we are in. We choose suffering. We choose pain. We choose death. The universe freely and completely gives infinitely of itself. It does not cut off it’s supply from any living thing. It is a constant, never ending flow of life force. As this life force enters our being, it gets filtered out into various densities (dark matter) and light, depending on our level of readiness to accept the present moment, the here and NOW.

As we move into a neutral, non judgmental mindset of the present moment, we actually acquit ourselves of relativity, existing in a timeless space. A timeless space is one of complete and total union. It is the oneness with all that is. This is the experience of completely and fully merging with the present, just as it is. Once we do this, we are able to process powerful and penetrating waves of pure light within our physical body. We begin to feel lighter, happier and connected to all of life. We have no need to act or react, but rather exist in a timeless moment of the silent observer. This is the Buddha nature. So, my sweet readers, love is actually a presence. It is not an experience of happiness, gratitude, bliss. It is the experience of the soul meeting itself just as it is.

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