birdI wanted to share an amazing experience I had early this morning. I was struck by quite an incredible vision of the bird migration at the oceanfront. I caught, which seemed to be, an absolute and inspirational scene of wonder. Thousands and thousands of birds were flying close to the ocean’s surface, in an absolutely magnificent straight line. The elegance, the force and the intention behind this migration was such a sight to behold. It was so touching to see animals working together in amazing flocks of intelligence. Nature herself is designed so brilliantly:

“The cycle is controlled by changes in the amount of daylight and the weather. Birds can fly very long distances. For example, the Arctic tern nests close to the North Pole in the summer. In autumn, it flys south all the way to Antarctica. Each spring it returns north again. Most migrating birds travel shorter distances. But how do they find their way to the same place each year? Birds seem to navigate like sailors once did, using the sun, moon and stars for direction. They also seem to have a compass in their brain for using the Earth’s magnetic field.

While there are many other animals that migrate, including whales, elk, bats, butterflies and other insects, it seems that they all have an incredible mission to brave: difficult weather conditions, predators, tiredness. They are working together in large communities, even though their migrations are presented with inconceivable challenges, as the distances they must cover spans thousands of miles for some of these creatures. All of nature has a symbiotic relationship, and brilliantly works together to achieve it’s one goal: survival.

What about humans, what about our survival? How are we working together in our communities to create and sustain structures of love, support and service? An overt focus on ourselves, materialism, lack of awareness and resistance are ways that we’re fighting against nature and weakening the infrastructure of our communities. It is of utmost importance for us to support meaningful causes that are asking community members to work together to help one another with mental, physical and emotional survival. One person is absolutely useless if he or she is not encouraging teamwork. It is in groups that we sustain the human race-not individually. “Letters Healing Poverty” is asking for you to support this idea.

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