the-mind-playgroundWhile I’m not a licensed psychologist or an expert on social statistics-I have read, observed and learned enough about the brain and the mind, to know that our focus determines our thoughts, which determine our emotions, which determine our feelings, which determine our actions. All these aspects create a formula that is either in alignment with our true desires or it is not. Our attention span, or focus, is determined by our desires or our fears. This is to say that we are in a continual state of either wanting or not wanting something. Sure, we get those bright moments of contemplation or reasoning, that don’t fall into the “either/or” categories I’m outlining, but we associate our existence mostly with reward or punishment no matter what we’re doing. Even working towards a selfless goal like LHP contains within itself my desires for certain things to go my way, certain people to respond to me, for contributions to be made to the campaign and so forth. I have associated my efforts with success, as long as I feel that I am using my full potential to execute the project. If for some reason I get uninspired, bored or discouraged-I would then associate my efforts with personal failure. Now, this is just an example of my point that I made earlier, that we are always either wanting or not wanting something to happen, and therefore since any desire comes from inside of is, it is ultimately ourselves that we answer to.

Next, depending on what one focuses on, the having or the not having their desire met, whether that’s health, love or money is how one will feel. Ask yourself, are you on that strict diet out of fear or out of joy? Do you fear experiencing feelings of unhealthiness or insufficiency when dieting? Are you a so-called “workaholoic” unable to stop making money because you fear that you might one day in the future not have security? Maybe you work so much because you want to distract yourself from your personal relationships? These are just examples. Our motives determine our focus, and until we’re aware of where our focus is, we will continue to produce an ineffective pattern in our affairs. Your focus will propagate either the thoughts of “I am inspired”, “I am contributing to the whole of society”, “I am standing up for myself and setting boundaries with people” or “I feel powerless”, “I feel meaningless”, “I feel taken advantage of” and so on. These thoughts are so, so, powerful. They stem from deep places of either acceptance or resistance. When we are in resistance to something, someone-we are almost always in a state of fear. When we are in acceptance of something we are in a state of love (please note that to be complacent is not to be accepting-acceptance will ALWAYS feel good, where as complacency will make one feel powerless or another lower vibrational emotion). Whichever feeling we’re having, resistance or acceptance” is a feeling that is produced in the body, and will always create according vibrations in the physical system-the brain, the blood, the organs and so forth. To be healthy is to be in a state of acceptance towards life. Stress and fear will do quite the opposite. The brain will begin to release hormones like cortisol, which will aggregate a particular type of brain chemistry, and eventually continue to propel us in self-destructive cycles. It has been studied that children that come from environments of violence actually develop narrow behaviors like aggression, to cope with their ideas of survival. They physiologically become attuned to having to “watch their backs”, “fight back”, “get defensive” etc.

Again, we’re looking at a very basic formula here. There are various societal communities that propagate certain ways of thinking that actually, genetically, breed a certain “type” of person. It is ridiculous to say that our state of mind, does not propagate and continue to produce certain conditions and experiences, as the state of mind relates to the state of the body and is eventually a critical factor as to whether one is in control of their life or not. This formula can be looked at inversely as well. It doesn’t change regardless of how you look at it. If one is feeling sick, they don’t feel well about themselves, which means they’re more prone to negative thoughts, which means their focus is more fear and resistance driven than not. So, I encourage you to extricate yourself from all that “stuff” in your life and tune in to yourself more often. You will become more conscious of what you’re focused on and how you feel, and as a result will have a much easier time focusing on the things that are important to you and making better decisions.

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