autumn equinox 2016Today is the official Autumn Equinox. We are leaving behind many things as we welcome the new. However, the new is built upon the old, so we’re never really leaving anything behind per se. The old and the new are in fact one, and both are alive in the here and now. As so many new opportunities and even new perspectives are arising we are finding deeper levels of satisfaction and fulfillment, much beyond the surface level appearances. As we embrace the new fully and completely, we transform the old. We do this in real time, in every single moment through the power of choice over our thoughts and over where we are placing our power – within or without. In fact, the vibration which we hold in the present moment determines our entire creations here and now. There is no looking back, nor is there escape into looking forward. The now moment is the building block on which we build a solid foundation, a foundation based on love – of course! All of our wishes are coming true within these ripples of presence. Are we ready to accept the creations, the fulfillment of our desires? Many of us are tempted to look forward at this time, to try and discern and discover what the new will behold. We must be wary of getting ahead of ourselves. This “what next” mentality is a tried and true form of escapism. The new creation has been heralded and we absolutely must be present in the here and now to accept what it has to offer fully.

At this time of deep inner transition (for all new things start within the deep void within), we are being asked to be gentle with ourselves. This is actually very difficult for many of us to do, as we’ve been programmed to be producers and go-getters. However, through our patience, slowing down and having the self-care to release harsh people, harsh environments and behaviors we herald in much more loving and in alignment communities. This process must be done with love as well, for all things are here with a deeply grand purpose to help you on your path of evolution and healing. The end of this month penetrates us deeply as the harvest of our new and the culmination of the old heralds in much energy. Energy is always released when old structures transform into new ones. This can get pretty intense, but we must know that we are guided every step of the way. If we need help, all we have to do is ask our higher self or our guides and we will be shown the way. More importantly, we are stepping into new forms of power. As we do this and take on greater leadership roles in our life, we have to be extremely careful of our thoughts and our words as they are affecting the entire network of the collective – the absolute whole. Through this gateway of awareness we come to deeper realizations of interconnectedness understanding that we truly are One. In essence, as we move beyond old programming and old structures we do this by staying anchored in our own soul Truth, which lifts us up high above the density of 3D and helps us rise higher, lifting all on our path along with us!

autumn spiritualIn this phase we might be gaining these greater senses of power and elevation, however we must remember that we are still novices, in apprenticeship, ever learning with the evolving universe whom we serve. This is a deeply spiritual period of gathering wisdom and allowing this new information to integrate and upgrade us into mastery of THIS phase. This takes time, and we continue being asked to be patient. We can’t expect wisdom to execute and empower immediately, because there is always a preparation period following, preparation for embodiment. This is tough, because there is still a collective vibration of impatience and anxiety where we want results immediately. These higher frequency energies move so extremely fast and it can be tempting to get swept away with them and many people are forgetting to stay present, to be HERE and NOW. There is a degree of escaping into creations and their energies, and this is the fine line which we must be careful not to cross, for all good things take time. We will continue feeling this escapism if we don’t find ways to ground ourselves. In tarot, this is the temperance card where the grand angel steps with one foot into the sacred waters, but keeps his other foot stable on the earth. Most importantly, the present moment is the quickest way to ground ourselves. WE can do this by immediately coming into communion with the breath. We must continue to remember in co-creation and in times of change that everything already exists in the HERE and NOW. We’re not really truly ever creating anything new – we’re just becoming aware of what already exists in the present moment.

As I mentioned earlier, we are moving into a void. Into darkness, the unknown. This is a pathway that has revealed itself to us and it’s up to us to use our personal power and make the necessary choices with stepping forward onto this path of the unknown. Many are still afraid to do this. Past hurts and fears are holding many people back. Inevitably, we must move into the darkness, into the unknown to begin embodying the new. This is the difference between choosing a path of the domesticated creature versus the path of the wild animal! The upcoming Aries full blood moon lunar eclipse brings with it choices. It will illuminate for us that which we need to see in order to make these soul-based decisions. Again, in order to progress, one will need to understand the interconnectedness of all of life. If you’re having trouble doing this you must retreat and spend time in nature. Take time for yourself in the wild, listen to the birds, feel the wind, inhale the smells around you, take time to watch insects. The unknown will continue calling us and eventually we will have to come whether we are ready or not. The unknown is completely ripe with potential and we must go there with the understanding of oneness and union, not fear and separation.wild soul

On that note, teamwork and cooperation is imminent. We are not carrying this work alone, and we are not executing these new creations by ourselves. This is very important to understand. We must now adjust and begin collaborating with like-minded individuals and we can only begin doing this when we are authentic and true to ourselves. This is a time to release your bondage to others and to let go of any old “agreements” you’ve made with other people, where you’ve given your power away. We stay bound to the past, without learning to let go lovingly and with the utmost awareness. So, move forward and find like minded individuals instead of operating alone and at a much lower frequency. Groups of people will life your vibration and help you to carry out very important soul agreements. Many of us are actually threatened by like minded individuals, and are being asked to move away from old structures of jealousy, threats of not being good as good as them or not being worthy. This is absolutely a time of activating powerful networks of people, making connections and reaching out. We do this by opening up to our soul, to our authentic self and then sharing that with all, trusting that we will be accepted, appreciated, honored and respected for being true to ourselves and true to our divinity.

Lastly, hang on! While there is much anxiety in this adjustment period and we are feeling tired and low on energy, we must learn to listen to the intelligence of our bodies. Exertion, stress and fears are still coming up because we are getting major upgrades and purifying. This is still a period of rest and integration and will continue to be so until everything adjusts full swing at the beginning of October. Be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself, get your sleep, take care of your body and your soul and most importantly – stay aware! Neutrally aware, no judgement here. We don’t have to figure anything out. Let’s just enjoy the ride.

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