The Details Mattered: a collection of poems

A compilation of creepy and cathartic surrealist images, these poems attempt to break the boundaries of modern poetry by slicing the imagination with absurd territories that are rarely visited by choice. The pervading themes are death, suffering, nature and the beauty and freedom that arises out of irony and details. The poet’s work explores vivid imagery and the hauntingly beautiful effects of the temporal world. 


Midnight Oil: Poems, Short Stories, & Musings

The words in this book point only to life; life in all of its immaculate, destructive, creative, lovely, decaying, contrasting glory. To be present, is to be alive, and to witness a miracle. This book is the result of witnessing. It points to the everlasting, yet temporal beauty of all that is. The stories, poems, and musings in this book are a song of love, and an expression of something that lives on.