powerlessness and powerEvery time I look up recent news on poverty, or the “War on poverty” I am struck with a new way of looking at things. This “system” which has been put in place to help care for mothers, children and families struggling with financial instability and living paycheck to paycheck has a level at which one is considered “impoverished”. If a person falls into the category of this “level” they are then able to receive Government assistance or help like welfare and food stamps. The system then creates a co-dependance on itself. If a mother finds the financial dependance on the Government to be insufficient to care for her and her 3 children, she can go ahead and get a job at McDonalds or Walmart (which by the way is competitive and people with college degrees even have trouble getting hired). This job is then likely to pay her minimum wage which, working for a labor law compliance company, I know is anywhere from $8-$9 an hour in 2014, depending on the state one lives in. Once the mother makes the choice to become independent and leave Government assistance in search of opportunity, she is then bereft of the very low, but stable, Government assistance that she was being provided. Her $8/$9 a job is now less than what the Government was funding and also insufficient to pay for the cost of living in her city. No matter what she chooses-she is stuck feeling powerless and hopeless, because the very system that was designed to help her, is now against her.

If you watched the latest video I posted from CNN news you will catch a very powerful insight, “The success of a country is DEPENDENT on the poor. Eventually, the distrust of the Governmental system will bring it down to it’s own demise.” In this new age there is more corporate governance than ever before, but the good news is people are now able to see through it clearer than ever. It is virtually impossible to keep anything hidden in this powerful time. The internet and mass communication have made it possible for you to find anything that you’re looking for. But, just like any power, the internet can be used for good or for evil. I resisted getting a facebook for years, because I didn’t want to give up my personal power to a corporation (yes, if you have a FB account your information is getting sold, databased and exploited). But I realized that I didn’t care for my privacy as much as I cared for giving a voice to the people existing in depression, silence, hunger, fear, loneliness and hopelessness. My reputation and my “tact” is pretty much non-existent. I will fight for the causes of the powerless in any way, shape, form or on any platform I can get on.

I’m not expecting to change any systems over night. I just know exactly what I Want, how I’m going to do it and that I will stop at no cost until I get it. Period.

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