CreativityDo you ever wonder what you’re capable of? Have you considered what it means to reach your full potential? Do you even know what your potential is?

Did you know that humans are actually living in just 10% of their full potential? Everyone’s potential comes in a different package, although we might often find ourselves inspired by another person, or not satisfied in our current situations. The moment you become aware of something greater than what is now your current reality, you are actually giving birth to the consciousness of potential. Potential is different from evolution, and can be considered a complete manifestation of your deepest desire. Evolution on the other hand is the gradual development of something of its own accord, similar to how a child will grow into an adult, while potential on the other hand is similar to pregnancy. You don’t have to get pregnant and you don’t have to give birth. You have the capacity to be pregnant, while the child cannot stop him or herself from reaching adulthood.

When we are unsatisfied, we begin to realize that a structure that we have been relying on no longer serves us. We have to face that unless we let go of an old way of being, whether that’s letting go of a relationship that no longer serves us, doing a line of work that no longer fulfills us or releasing destructive habits like guilt, dishonesty or fear, we will not be able to welcome or make space for something new to enter. This is the very first step of reaching your potential-actually emptying yourself out and letting go of your habits that you have clung on to for so long to protect yourself, give yourself security and love. When you make the decision to serve your highest good, you are making a pact with the universe that presupposes you have complete trust and faith within your potential.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with having to uproot everything, and start from zero. Potential is a consciousness. That’s it! It is the awareness of your service to your higher self, which ultimately is at one with all of humanity and all of life. Thus, your potential is that which can become deeply integrated with the universal consciousness, the planet as a whole. No act is too small or too little in this consciousness. Everything that serves your higher good is enough to get you closer to your potential and make an impact. It’s taken me a long time to understand these concepts, because they are simple in and of themselves, but require some work! I had a very wise friend tell me once, “Act first, and pray later.” This concept sets the stage for what we’re discussing. Unless we are willing to commit to a higher consciousness we will not be able to unleash a very powerful transformative energy, that I believe actually works through you to deliver you the path of your potential. You are a creator, but the creative source within you, is energy. This energy is available to anyone who chooses to focus on it. What you focus on expands. What you focus on is what you create. Your focus is the single factor that determines your potential. All else happens on its own. The work at hand is to continually stay focused on a higher consciousness. What does that mean?

The concept of a higher consciousness presupposes that you are infinite. What is infinite? Infiniteness is the idea that you do not have any limits. You are not limited by your finances, your relationships, your body, your work or anything else in your life that you have an attachment to. Attachments are actually something that renders you powerless. It gives up your ability to say “I am enough!” When you are attached to something you associate that person, place or thing with a completion; for example “If I am not getting the love that I want, I am not loved.” The error of this thinking is that you are focused now on lack, or not having. How can something of infinite potential not be enough? This is a contradiction. It’s not even logical. Nonetheless, we behave in illogical ways all the time. These are called habits. Habits are acquired beliefs that we have come to rely on to feel safe or to feel fulfilled. Not all habits are bad, but the ones that happen through the lower self render the self through powerlessness, fear and insecurity. It is when we can cultivate, through discipline and commitment, a liberated way of thinking when we can see powerful shifts happen in our lives.

Look at an area of your life, where you tend to deposit a primary focus. How does this area look and feel to you? Is something missing? Are you fulfilled completely there? You might feel fulfilled, if so then begin to examine the positive, high vibrational thoughts which you are using to create this beautiful reality: trust, inspiration, love, appreciation or gratitude. Take these feelings and now come up with new ways to integrate what you’re doing right, into other areas of your life! If you are not feeling happy or feel like you are not yet reaching your potential, it is likely that you are holding on to self-sabotaging habits that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Begin to feel unlimited and see the magic that can happen, welcome that creative power into your life and become that which deep down inside you know that you are: a perfect, complete and infinite being.

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