Just a mere glimpse of reality is so strong, that it has the capacity to completely change your life around. The bast change it ultimately makes, for anyone and everyone, is the beginning of a return home to reality.

So many people feel alone, misplaced and long for a deep sense of belonging. This is why we create communities, congregations, friendships, relationships, families and of course, follow our dreams and passions. We are communal and creative as a species so these are very natural movements for the human race. Why then can the human feel so alone and misplaced even when one or more of these things is had?

The message of non duality is that there are NOT TWO. There is not a subject viewing an object. There is not a Kate wanting her partner to wash the dishes, or a driver cutting her off on the freeway, or the parents disapproving of her behavior. Non duality says that this is not true.

This is completely radical!!

In fact, it is so radical, that most people likely completely either turn away from this message or suffer in it. They suffer in it, because they may try to live non duality in duality. This doesn’t work and causes confusion and often depression. Don’t do it. It is often said in this subject: use this thorn [non duality] to take out all the other thorns and then throw this thorn away!

So, if there is not two, if there is not a subject or an object, what is there?

This, my friends is the most beautiful adventure, inquiry and investigation that one can have with themselves. What is here? What is right here? What will never leave you? After all the forms come and go and change in your life, what is here that never leaves? Please investigate this for yourself. Do not take my words for it.

What is right here is reality. The mere glimpse of reality is so earth shattering that it will quite literally dissolve everything that you know and once knew. It will actually pulverize everything completely that is obstructing it’s path. This is literally absolute love – absolute oneness, beyond any concept of oneness. It can be called fullness, nothingness, emptiness, love – whatever you want to call it.

But reality is always here. It does not need to be sought. This is the irony of your search and your investigation. This realization is so funny, so humorous it’s almost a joke how simple and obvious it is. Many people call this moment enlightenment.

Everything is continually being lost. The here and now is a vacuum. This moment is the ultimate silence. Yet, this is a silence full of love, of joy, of humor. I don’t even know how to describe it – one almost wants to laugh. You can’t really be serious with it because it’s so incredibly…

Everything is continually arising and being lost in total silence.

There is this apparent story, your story. The story of your life. The story of what you did, where you went, who you met. It seems to be an accumulation of thoughts, feelings and memories so it feels real and it feels consistent. But it’s a dream, an overlay, a hologram being projected out of complete silence. Everything is coming out of this silence, or this moment, SPONTANEOUSLY. It’s coming out of right here. It’s like a wild animal. Instinctual, not domesticted, foreign in a sense. There’s no way to predict what can arise out of this moment. It’s virtually impossible. This is why:

Thoughts create reality. It appears that thoughts are being had and creating a result – reality. But, actually, thoughts are appearing from reality. Reality is birthing the thoughts.

Reality is not only birthing thoughts. It is also birthing an idea of a you, the idea of your partner, the idea of you relating to them through words, feelings and actions. But this is not reality. This is appearing in reality.

Reality is everything that is appearing. It’s not just these words on the screen right now, the light in the room, the sounds of the refrigerator but also the cricket outside the window, the ducks quacking outside, the presence of my lover. If you try and cage it, hold on to it, control it – you will fail – because reality is everything.

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  1. Keith says:

    I totally love the simple directness of these posts. Thank you. I just stumbled on them today and will come back.


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