The ultimate act of self-love is to meet the need of the moment exactly as it is. This requires raw honesty and you can’t have that if you’re not willing to see through the illusions, through that image of yourself that that projects it’s own image, it’s own reality, onto, not just itself but all of life. The more it knows the less it is in contact with the truth. This can be a hard thing to comprehend, but it really doesn’t need to be understood but rather experienced. What does reality look and feel like without your thoughts about it?

This is about “loosening the grip”. However, the grip in and of itself is the portal through which the recognition of true oneness is seen. IF that which is navigating, controlling or holding onto life is not examined and remains unseen, then that which is most true cannot reveal itself. Like these words I’ve written. There is no active component in writing them. There’s a receiving. This act would not be able to happen if the frontal cortex were active, if thought were expressing them. This realization gives all of life a different nature, an alternative perspective because it is seen that there is a sentient intelligence at play. There is something beyond the comprehension of the mind that is emerging.

Now, the real matter at hand is that this intelligence has the ability to become conscious of itself. This realization does not need to be forced or even caged. In fact it is impossible to force it or hold on to it. The energy that is identified with thought will either let go or it won’t. But EVERYTHING IN LIFE, EVERYTHING – IS DRIVING ITSELF TO THIS REALIZATION. THE TRUTH IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF EVERYTHING IN LIFE. Unless, the truth arising in the moment cannot be seen a greater truth cannot reveal itself.

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