Maya means illusion. Illusion implies two. That which is real and that which is unreal.

There is only that which is real. Or that which is unreal. There is not two.

Either everything is real, or everything is unreal.

This can only be spoken about in absoluteness, for as soon as it is separated it perpetuates an understanding that there is something outside of what is. That which is the dream and that which is not.

In the context of the body, the body is all there is and it is also nothing.

The body appears and disappears and changes, just as all forms. Whether it’s the leaves on the tree, the death of the loved one or the end of a long career. Everything comes and goes. nothing is exempt from this.

The body and the thoughts appear simultaneously. One cannot arise without the other. The mind is necessary for the body and the body is necessary for the mind. Whatever it is that appears in the body has had to have appeared in the mind, whatever it is in the mind has had to have appeared in the body. This is why modern neuroscience is so fascinated by the impact that our thoughts have on our reality.

It is understood that that which is thought about most is also that which appears. Thoughts are directly related to and impact appearances. It is also understood that it is possible to choose what it is that does and does not appear.

This process of choosing and creating can be referred to as an illusion or as reality. It is interchangeable, and also not an argument of whether it is one or the other.

The body or the mind contains an infinite power. This has been acknowledged by religion, spirituality, and experience.

However, this infinite energy, which is everything, is not confined or contained within the body. IT is only looking through, listening through and speaking through the body. It is expressing itself as best it can within the confines of the body and the mind.

When the energy relaxes it’s focus on the body or mind, either through exercise, music, art or something engaging like a passion or conversation then the energy can relax into itself. It can be at peace.

However, this energy has always been at peace. This peace has been eclipsed through the focus on the body or the mind, on what the body has or has not on what the mind can or cannot get. This is a very exciting and stimulating game so the energy focuses on it. In fact, it is so much more engaging and fun for the energy to engage in the drama. Just look – everywhere you go drama, gossip and anything that is propagating or producing the dreamlike social media images of perfection, beauty, money – this is interesting Source loves it.

But source energy has gotten lost in itself, in its very own dream. It has become fully enraptured in its delusion.

This is actually very cute and innocent.

But it’s also exhausting for the body and the mind.

When the body and the mind become exhausted, they begin to lose interest in the drama and the dream. The mechanism begins to drop away and disengage with life. This may appear as sickness or as depression, as a breakup or as walking away from a long-standing dream or goal.

The energy has just given up. It is ready to let go and surrender.

This might appear as a breakdown or falling to one’s knees. Or even an extreme escape to a desert island or even suicide. In some cases, this is the return home. The body and mind may turn to spirituality for this return, or it may just go directly back into stillness.

This is an invitation for you to let go and return to your stillness. But not as the body or the mind. This is an invitation for you to return to pure being. It’s right here. It’s never left you. It’s never even been hidden. It just appeared that way. But it was always your eyes, your ears, your voice, your love.

When you were in the throes of passion, when you were at your lowest, when you were enraged, and hurt or broken, when you were overjoyed with the birth of your first child or when you finished your Ph.D. or got married. It was always silently watching itself. You were not responsible for your mistakes when you hurt others, lost your fortune or fell ill. You were not responsible for telling your mother you loved her before you die, nor were you responsible for choosing to leave the abusive relationship before it got too late. You are not to blame for any of this. You did nothing wrong. You were always a free, silent, open power watching yourself in each situation. When you were under the influence of drugs and alcohol you were the same when you screamed at your lover and got in a fight with your closest friend, when you lied or cheated or killed, you were always the same. You did nothing wrong. This has always been a love affair. Under the tears, the screams, the laughter, and the confusion, you were always the same. You were always untouched by these movements in time that came and went from one movement of the hour clock to the other.

Only one word beckons you home now: return.

Just return.

Right here, right now.

Rest your weary self and return.

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