riseupOnce you find something that you believe in, it is your duty to share it with your entire mind, body and soul. It is from you that life stems. From your words, your actions, your thoughts. Everything about you is what makes it possible for this world to experience greater healing, more miracles and incredible transformations. While you may have limited yourself in the past, telling yourself lies like “I’m not good enough”, “No one would help me”, “I will fail?”, these things don’t exist anymore and you have to let go of them so that you can liberate yourself from suffering, hiding and working on meaningless things! Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time, faith and devotion for the things that you believe in to come to fruition, but you have to stand strong in the ruthless furnace that is life. You have to continue to shine your light for others, and help them to believe in themselves when they have lost all hope. You did not come to this earth without a purpose. You came here with a very honorable duty: to serve your fellow human beings!There has to come a time, when we will all rise and break our chains and scream that we won’t stand for this silence, this fear and this apathy any longer!!! How much time do you have in a day? Those precious seconds are like gold, when you could be healing the world and telling every single person you know how absolutely grateful you are for them. The first step, is stop thinking about yourself so much: your diet, your hobbies, your therapy, your relationships-all of that is great, but self-focus can be detrimental. Why are you always trying to change yourself, improve yourself, reach greater heights? You are enough just as you are. Stop feeling bad for the things you may have or may not have done in the past. None of that matters, just wake up today with the simple determination, I will live for others!!! Simple as that. Give up your need to be rich and loved and safe. Once you finally let go of your struggle and desperation, you will be rich, and loved and safe 😉

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